Pet Names

jack1.jpgWell…here is something very private between “Jack” and I. In fact I feel a bit nervous about sharing this…but, so far nobody has linked this blog to me…and neither to “Jack”, so I am going to brave it.

I have called him Shrek for a while (my other name for him is Gru – I may have already mentioned that). There are reasons. I won’t go into too much detail for his sake, but remember we were housemates for some time. He has slimmed since I first met him. He was trying to when we lived together, and he says that because of dieting and doing more exercise, he used to be a but cranky and irritable (nooooooo!) which is why sometimes he was a bit out of order towards me.

his oobsSo he is less Shrek shaped. But…he does some cute things. We have been walking in the woods a lot. He walked into my little nest with mud caked all over his shoes. (Don’t worry, I was born to clean!) That was the first time I had whispered Shrek to him in years (I did it with a hug and a kiss) and he laughed. He of course was quick to tell me that I am therefore Princess Fiona.

NOTE TO SELF: buy Jack some wellington boots for our walks in the woods!

Anyway…I am not ready to share the pet names Jack has called me quite yet.

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