I Have Been Neglecting Pies

Pies. They are kind of awesome really. But they are one of those delicious culinary creations that I have to reserve as an occasional treat. I don’t want to eat so many that I end up looking like a pie.

These colder months are definitely a great excuse for a pie though. I have not made a pie for some time (last pie I made was a vegetarian pie with chestnuts, mushrooms and beer – which was uber-yummy), but I do occasionally wander around to the chilled aisle at the supermarket to look at the Higgidy Pie range to see if there is anything new. Within the past fortnight I found this limited edition pie:


It was like eating a yummy roast dinner in a pastry casing. The surprise for me was the layer of red cabbage underneath the parsnips (and I think there may have been some brussel sprouts going on in there somewhere). It was a treat.

I have published another post in the past about what a fan of Higgidy Pies I am:

Ay Ay It’s Wigan Pie!

Although, I would always applaud a home-made pie over a shop-bought pie, I am going to admit, I would rarely make a pie nowadays. Pastry is rather a neglected area in my baking repertoire  of late. When I invite friends over for dinner I always make something like a curry, cannelloni or lasagne, or moussaka – and then I make sure there is lots of rice or veggies/salad and some kind of bready accompaniment. That way the hungrier guests can always leave satisfied.

There are some delicious sweet pies I love – pecan pie, custard pies, citrus tarts and many others. But in all honesty, when I make a dessert, I usually go for something without pastry. Something more along the lines of a roulade or a cheesecake.

But I still love eating pies. And although they are an occasional treat for me…Higgidy are my pies of choice. Their pie creations are delightful. In the summer I could happily put one of their pies on a plate, with a huge helping of salad on the side to make me feel more virtuous. Winter time – well it has to be some warm veggies, maybe potatoes (mashed or roasted) to go with a scrummy pie – a splash of vegetarian gravy would not go amiss.

Higgidy Pie 7

If you did take a look at the other pie post I linked in above…you will know I grew up near a town famous for pies. Have you heard of a butter pie? I remember one freezing cold winter buying one and thinking it was the most tasty morsel that had ever passed my lips! Just don’t tell anyone from Wigan – that I hardly ever eat pies now I have left home.


This was my response to the writing prompt from Sarah Elizabeth Moore:


11 thoughts on “I Have Been Neglecting Pies”

    1. Hey Beth,
      I must admit, as a treat I love having one. But I do try to avoid pastry.
      I have to avoid going down the chilled aisle because there is too much yummy looking ready made stuff. I try to cook things from scratch more and more these days.

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  1. We don’t seem to have anything like that here in Canada. Most of the pies one might get in a store would be fruit or dessert varieties. I think perhaps in a specialty store you might be able to find something like the above. But, homemade regardless of the type is always better.

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    1. It’s interesting how different supermarkets are in different countries. I was completely lost in the supermarkets out in Australia. But then I found they do vegan schnitzel out there…which totally knocked my socks off!

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    1. I love quiches and pies – but only occasionally because of the pastry.

      Higgidy make quiches and pies. Some of their pies have lids, some are open pies. But their pies are normally very deep – a couple of inches. Their quiches are more shallow.


  2. Sure, I’ve heard of butter pie…

    Admiral Halsey notified me
    He had to have a berth or he couldn’t get to sea
    I had another look and I had a cup of tea
    And butter pie
    (A butter pie?)
    The butter wouldn’t melt, so I put it in a pie

    Have no idea what goes in it (besides butter, obviously…)

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    1. Fab John.

      My memory of butter pie is that there was not much else other than onion inside it. I don’t think it has any cheese inside it, But I remember it being very yummy. The kind of food that could easily cause a cardiac arrest though.


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