The Moments Waking Up

his2.jpgSome nights I have a fright. I wake up feeling his arms around me. I think it is Goldfinch…but it is not. It is Jack. I love Jack. It’s just that I have to let it sink in, that it is Jack who I belong to.

It all happened so quickly. There was no time in between to let my feelings be prepared for this. I am so happy, so so happy. It’s the unconscious moments, perhaps the subconscious me…that sometimes can’t keep track of what on earth has happened.

But I am Jack’s. Everything is overlapping and becoming entangled. The two of us are like some kind of vines growing around each other. It’s just those moments waking up I forget whose body I am tangled up within. It feels like just yesterday I was in Adelaide.

8 thoughts on “The Moments Waking Up

    1. I think I meant it in a good way πŸ™‚
      Like I belong to my parents or my family. I love that sense of “belonging”. I am deeply proud to be theirs.
      I know I make my own decisions and choose who I am. But I love being a chip off the old block.
      When it comes to Jack…and I felt the same way about Goldfinch…I am deeply proud to be his special someone. I am proud to be connected with him. It’s a willful choice I make to move by orbit around him. It’s still early days, so I don’t know how things will go with us. But even now, I feel that I would love to be the one who supports his decisions and helps make them work. I would love to be beside him and working with him and for him making our team as two volunteers a success. We have the same ideals and we care about the same things. I want to be part of team Caramel Jack.

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