Our Own Kind Of Fireworks

work.pngOne more day of work. I am ready for a break! I have worked hard this week. But I have enjoyed it actually. Did I tell you about the “sucking ears” situation? Oh I must put it in another post.

I walked home this evening…hearing fireworks in all directions, although I couldn’t actually see any sparkly lights anywhere. I could also smell smoke in the air. Always makes me nervous incase my little nest has caught on fire. I have a slight fear of coming home to find no home. It’s pouring with rain now, so I imagine that will put an end to the noise from the fireworks.

There was a message on my answer machine. Jack has realized that really is the best way to get my attention relatively quickly. I am so neglectful of my little mobile phone. Anyway…he is coming over. He has a thing on tonight. Although it technically involves work for him, he will be basically at a swanky party. So it will be late by the time he arrives. He wants to spend the night here. Lovely.

early ngithI called him straight away. While I have to work tomorrow, he will be visiting a friend who lives a few miles up the road from here. The weather is going to be atrocious apparently tomorrow, so the event he was going to be at tomorrow has been postponed. Then after work (because I work near a station) I will travel two stops down the line to where he will be. Then we are off on our little trip away.

I love that he wants to come and see me a night early. He makes me feel so young! He is always up to exciting things. I am going to have a tidy up and have a shower and everything else to get ready for him. Oh I need to pack tonight too. Happy happy happy. Jack and me making our own kind of fireworks. We can burn brighter than the sun.

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