Your Will Is So Much Better Than Theirs

questIt has started already. I had Royal Mail post this morning from political parties. Surely they must have had it all ready to go before the vote to have a General Election for it to arrive so quickly. I am going to be diplomatic about this…they obviously feel they are right. I pay my taxes and obey the laws of whichever government is in power. I do not associate myself with any individual political party (neither does Jack by the way, which is why we could be sent to all sorts of interesting places, with “delicate” political climates).

The news will be all about the election over the next few weeks. I may feel inclined to just get on a plane and go and hide somewhere (maybe Australia, although I would need to take Jack with me) until it is all over.

Business competition. Vector flat cartoon illustrationThe funny thing is…it’s not going to be over is it? No matter which party is governing the country at the end of the year, whether they are for or against the B word/issue…it is not going to be over – because there will still be a lot of people who don’t get the result they want. There don’t seem to be clear winners and losers in politics. Results are often almost 50/50. I wonder how close we are to the United Nations becoming more involved with “maintaining authority”?

I was watching something (well, to be honest, I wasn’t really watching it, I was actually ironing, but happened to realize there was something on the news about violence towards politicians) the other night. A news broadcaster invited a young woman (no idea who she was, but she only looked sixteen, although she had a very well spoken voice) to give her opinion on “things”. She said – everyone seems to think they are right, and those with opposing views are wrong.

is it.jpgShe said – that there has been a marked change of behaviour since the Europe referendum. She said – people have become very volatile, easily inflamed. She said – people feel they can say whatever they want, in conversations, on social media, and peaceful protesting (some of which might be considered to be positive, although I won’t venture an opinion), but there have also been the extremes of yelling abuse at politicians in the street, throwing milkshakes all over them, sending death threats, putting incendiary devices through their letter boxes, and of course the actual murder of politicians. I have family who hold “office” as politicians (not that I share their opinions), so of course the thought of them being victims of violence is very concerning.


I am observing this…it is interesting. I have been reading the scriptures since I was a little girl…and so I am well aware of the forecast about the political scene during “the time of the end” (the end of corruption, injustice and abuse).

I don’t really worry about the outcome of referendums and elections – I already know the outcome of human rulership. I’ve read this book many times…and I know the ending.

And to be honest it is the ending that I love reading about. It is a much happier ending than any other happy ending. Cruelty, suffering, pain – all gone! Gone. All the damage undone. Tears of grief turned to tears of joy. No human can make promises like that. They don’t have the power to fulfil them.

peaceThis earth, in the hands of our Creator…will be clean…clean of wickedness, corruption, violence, injustice and abuse. Clean of pollution, slavery, crime and disease. Beat that for a manifesto! Clean for a united, happy human family, who love what is good, love peace, love creation, and of paramount importance, LOVE OUR CREATOR. Of course none of the letters from any political parties mentioned any of this.

Anyway…when it’s all over…I cannot imagine political propaganda is going to be something that we miss! Nor will I miss gross negligence in the name of profit, that leads to catastrophic disasters and mass loss of lives. (Another desperately sad feature of the News bulletins here in England today 😦 )

future2Our Father in the heavens

Let your name be sanctified

Let your Kingdom come

Let your will take place…on earth

Whenever I think of these words, which billions of people have uttered…I think of how much better our Creator’s purpose (which happens to be unfailable) is, than any plans, pledges, promises (which may, or may not, change, be forgotten or are just impossible to guarantee) of human political parties.

The sad thing is…people will fight for corrupt rulership, despite the appalling record it has. I have always been baffled about that. But when I see how convinced people can be that they are right, and that those who disagree are wrong…and how “volatile” and “inflamed” their behavior can become, feeling that violence and threats are acceptable – I realize there will be some very shocking behaviour ahead of us, before it is all over and we can breathe a huge sigh of relief…and start to really live! I mean really live!


6 thoughts on “Your Will Is So Much Better Than Theirs”

  1. I wonder how close we are to the United Nations becoming more involved with “maintaining authority”?

    That’s entirely the agenda.


    1. I don’t think it will be over really.
      I saw an interview a while back saying that even after the terms on which the UK leaves Europe are decided (no deal or a deal and if so what kind of deal) apparently that is just the start of it. They said it would take another ten years of wrangling to decide what future trade conditions will be like.

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