It’s Been A Long Day

wrecked.jpgIt has been a long day. I don’t like doing twelve hour shifts. You come home and feel so exhausted you just want to collapse onto the sofa and eat junk food. Thank goodness I don’t actually have any junk food in the house. Instead I had pureed pear for my dinner. Yes I was so tired, I could not face cooking. I might have a slice of bread and hummus later, if I manage to muster the energy to sit up. I have been telling myself to get up and have a shower and go to bed.

But I am battling that mental sludge…you know when you remember all the things you said and did when you were tired. But when you work twelve hours in an intense environment, you do become tired. I had a constant headache (which I have had since I was hit by that roof) and I felt dizzy at times – but I pushed on.

jiggersAnd the thing is…I have six days of this! One day down…five to go! Aaaaaagh! Am I going to feel this wrecked at the end of every day? I need to think about picking up something quick and easy to eat. I need more than pureed pear for my dinner all week.

So…I hope my little mistakes, which were induced by tiredness, will be overlooked. Everyone seemed happy enough with me. Shower. Bed. I am so sleepy tired!

No Jack until Saturday evening. After work he is taking me up to the Cotswolds. We will be up there for three nights. Back in London on the Tuesday.

Missing You

I am a funny creature. It is a really good job he is 10,100 miles away. Or this would be a problem! A serious problem!!!

What eases my conscience is that I have told “Jack” that I have been very much in love with Goldfinch and still miss him enormously. Jack is being very good about it. He seems to understand that it is hard to let go. He says those memories with Goldfinch are very special. (And he is right, they are. They are part of me now.) But Jack says he and I are going to build lots of special memories too.

helloAt the moment there is something about birds. I see birds sitting on the bird-feeder in the garden pecking at peanuts. I see pigeons perched on roof-tops. I see a little red-breasted robin that seems to perch on the wall so it can greet me whenever I arrive home at my little nest, I always say “hello” when I pass it you know.

But every bird I see makes me think of Goldfinch. I do wish he was here. But it is probably a very good thing he is not. Or else my life would be in a real pickle.