Human Hot Water Bottles

There is no point even trying to pretend anymore. Summer is over! Autumn has ruled here in England for over a month – rain and grey skies, sometimes blustery breezes. The temperature has fluctuated. But it is starting to become more and more chilly!

So now is the time to make extra effort to stay warm. The writing prompt from Sarah Elizabeth Moore gives me the chance to think about the best ways to warm up on a chilly Autumn night.

out and aboutI have been out with Jack walking in autumnal woodland, my wellingtons and my Scarpa boots are plastered with mud. But it has been a pleasure! Nothing quite like the feeling of a warm hand holding yours and lots of lovely hugs.

I have noticed I have had to pull out warmer clothing from under my bed and swap the contents of my wardrobe. I have jumpers and woollen scarves all ready to be used through the next few months, and my big thick winter coats too.

keep warm.jpgJack and I have eaten a lot of ready meals recently, because we have often been staying away somewhere, so we have nipped into the supermarket to find something we could heat up in the microwave or oven. But when he has stayed here at my little nest, I cooked and I baked! And I am looking forward to doing much more of that for Jack. Cold weather means lovely warming stews, casseroles and pies!

We both really like spicy food. What better way to warm up on a chilly autumn night that  a big bowl of vegetarian chilli? I made some gingery biscuits for Jack a couple of days ago. I used to bake cookies all the time when we lived together, and for some reason I haven’t made biscuits for the past four years (I’ve done plenty of other baking), so it was really nice to do something that reminds me so much of our time together. You might remember that one of my first ever posts was all about the strain between Jack and I when we were living together:

Peanut-Butter Cookies (That’s The Way The Cookie Crumbled)

It all seems so strange now. It’s hard to imagine a time when we were ever awkward and uneasy with each other.

snug.pngAfter a walk in the woods, followed by a nice warm meal, there is nothing nicer than relaxing for the rest of the evening together. We have had the chance for plenty of talking. We have been doing lots of normal boring things (it’s only boring to do normal things if you don’t do other interesting things. But normal things are very welcome when your mind and body are normally occupied with all sorts of other activity). It feels so good to chillax together, lots of talk, a little music, a little television, cards, games, more talking. So nice!

warmThe perfect end to a cold day is to get an early night. Nothing like a cosy bed with lots of covers to help you fall into a deep and sweet sleep. I would recommend making sure you have a gorgeous human hot water bottle to snuggle up to.

Of course the very best way to warm up on a chilli autumn night also includes things you can only do with your beloved…but as this is supposed to be a family friendly blog, I won’t go into any detail. But Jack is making sure I stay very warm this autumn.


This post wa my response to the writing prompt from Sarah Elizabeth Moore:


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  1. I thought a bloke might be involved somewhere! 🙂 But for me too – one of the cats can be guaranteed to be next to me when I wake up (but I think he just doesn’t want to miss me getting up and going to the kitchen)

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