Thank You For Two Wonderful Years

IMG_20180722_123051 (2)Two years ago…on the last Saturday in October (2017)…the night the clocks go back one hour, something rather spectacular happened:


Thank you for two amazing years!

Thank you for bringing love and joy to my heart!

Thank you for helping scars heal.

Jack seems to be in love with me. But part of me is Goldfinch. And he will always be. I mentioned to Goldfinch in the letter I sent him…I loved him and everyone in his life past and present. There was no jealousy, there couldn’t be. To me, they helped make him who he is today – the man I have loved loving for the past two years. Jack is not allowed to be jealous of Goldfinch! I am only who I am today, because I had two wonderful years with Goldfinch.

I am so glad that I made those decisions on that Saturday night in October 2017. I decided I was going to trust…and I did. I decided I wanted love in my life again…and I made the right choice. I am so glad that I met Goldfinch and have had such wonderful times with him!

Thank you Goldfinch!

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