It Makes So Much More Sense Now

This song holds some very personal memories! A very moving performance from a choir of volunteers for a charity fundraising show. My flatmates Marta and Suzie were in that choir. I was cheering them on. That song is very hard to sing!

fool of myself.jpgAnd…that night that Jack gave me a lift back from a party, and hardly said a word to me for the entire journey. It was excruciating! Finally he turned the radio on…and this show stopping tune came on. When we arrived back at our abode, he jumped out of the car, ran round to my side and opened the passenger door for me and took my hand, as I tried to get out of his tiny little sports car without making a fool of myself.

I was in shock. I could not understand back then whether he liked me or disliked me. It was all so intense! So much makes sense now! So much makes sense!

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