If You Could See My Schedule

bloggging6When I was connected to wifi again after a couple of days out of the loop, I looked at some of the comments I had received on my posts. Comments are on the whole great. I am sure you feel the same way that the vast majority of comments in between bloggers are a huge boost and incentive to keep on writing.

But every now and then, there are “weird” comments. I don’t mean spam – spam is an entirely different kettle of fish. I mean bloggers who you recognise, who seem to have misunderstood the post you have just written and leave a message that indicates they don’t appear to have read it. Or they have read in between the lines and jumped to conclusions perhaps.

bloggingOccasionally I will try to tactfully explain the post. If a reader has no idea of the history behind a post, I can understand that isolated, it could be misunderstood. But other times, I wonder if I am detecting the reader just trying to be a little provocative in their message. I am not going to start feuding with complete strangers. Blogging is supposed to be fun.

One thing that I think is often misunderstood is just how many posts I write well in advance, and then schedule to be published later. I have posts scheduled a month ahead at the moment. I am already thinking scheduling posts for Christmas, when I won’t be around at all, and for some of the other dates when I will be away.

Woman hands typing on laptop keyboard on abstract blurred bokeh of city night light background. Focus in the foreground.In fact I think the majority of posts (perhaps 95%) are written and scheduled. I rarely hit the “PUBLISH” button. Instead, I schedule. This is for a number of reasons. Sometimes, I only have a small window each week, to do any writing at all. I will write between three to ten posts within a two or three hour period. I am very quick nowadays. Some posts take longer. Award posts take ages (I work on them little by little) and so does fiction. But all my personal posts…they are very quick.

Scheduling has other advantages. Because I schedule most of them in advance, I can always go back and check them, editing them before they are launched into the big wide world. Sometimes, I don’t spot grammar gaffes, but I am normally checking that the post was going somewhere and wasn’t pure waffle.

read.pngAlmost everyday, I spend time reading other bloggers work, but I can’t write everyday. I don’t always have the mental energy or peace and quiet to write. But I usually have one or two posts ready to be scheduled, because of the routine that has been working for me for some time now.

My recent posts about me and my ex-flatmate…most of them are written and then scheduled to be published a very short time after I have written them. But some I have written just after he has dropped me home, when I have been bursting with thoughts and feelings, and then I scheduled them to be published a few days later. So, I am sorry if it is all a bit confusing.

Last weekend. I wrote a post while I was waiting for him to pick me up…forgetting the fact that the very next day there was a post scheduled to be published which I had written some days before. I also wrote a post when I reached a wi-fi connection about something that happened the night before. Looking back, I can see how it looks a bit jumbled.

bloggingI think what I am trying to say is, I love scheduling. I am not going to stop using this extremely helpful WordPress function. So if you are confused about timings, if you read a post and think, I thought she was here or there, please stop worrying.

Most of my posts are scheduled to be published at 5.58am, when I am usually still asleep. Lots of posts are published when I am out at work or with friends. I like it that way. I wake up, or arrive home, and see that already my posts have had views, and likes and lovely comments. I don’t expect to see a comment indicating the reader is confused about my exact whereabouts and activities at the time the post is published.

surprisedI will just add this, I am not going to be drawn into anything unpleasant. If someone is leaving increasingly acrid comments on my site, there is only one obvious solution: “goodbye”. There are some marvellous WordPress features that allow me to block comments from readers who seem to have their knickers in a twist for some strange reason. Are we all on the same page now?

Jack and I…we are going to be living. I might write about “stuff”. Some of my posts will be scheduled, some might not be – do not stress about the order of my posts being a bit odd – I DON’T! Why should you?



13 thoughts on “If You Could See My Schedule

  1. It’s no one’s business what you’re doing and when/where you’re doing it. In fact, the scheduling and slight “mixing up” could be seen as a tool of personal safety. Why should someone, who may be nearby, know where you’ll be and when? It’s scary that anyone would even think of demanding such consistency in posting to be able to nail that down. I’d block them.

    When I go away for a few days, I’m usually a bit fuzzy about when I’m leaving. Or I don’t mention it until I’m back. That’s deliberate. There are people reading who know where I live, and frankly I don’t trust them all!

    Stay safe. 💖

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    1. You are right. I don’t need to account for all of my movements.
      I love writing about “stuff” going on in my life, but I certainly don’t want think I am being analysed and that anyone is tracking my movements. That’s just creepy!

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  2. I not only like your post but agree with the sentiment. As much as anything, we encourage each other, and if we aren’t having fun on here then there are plenty of other web sites…
    I don’t schedule much – I scheduled that tick-tock post last week (and tomorrow’s, and next week’s…) once I was happy that I could still edit them after I’d scheduled them. Tomorrow’s post will already have had twenty-odd revisions before it goes live. I write Jim’s SLS posts in advance but leave them in “draft” – I’m not beyond making a really dumb mistake like posting on the wrong topic, so I like to see that confirmatory post from Jim before I put anything live (I have a cracker for next week btw). I respond to a couple of Fandango’s prompts, but that’s always done live. I think he said he schedules lots of his posts, too.
    I’m envious that you can write so quickly, each post will normally take me a few hours, sometimes I get block and just abandon the post to my Drafts folder ’til something flows. Sometimes I just think the better of it and trash it.

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    1. I think what helps me speed-wise is that I do a lot of copy and pasting from the thousands of e-mails I have sent to family and friends over the years…then I tweak them. I really depend on the scheduling feature as I think I have mentioned before.

      I very rarely trash posts…I might go back and heavily edit posts I started and didn’t know what to do with. I used to feel anxiety about what others thought of my posts – but I remembered that I am not aiming for adulation. I just want blogging to be something fun and enjoyable…as is the rest of my life – a bundle of fun and joy!

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      1. I often start posts without a clear idea of where it’s going to lead. It evolves as I write. Sometimes I find that useful, just for me, because sometimes it draws me to conclusions that I hadn’t thought about. Other times the post just seems to meander – I end up coming full-circle to what I started with in the first place – those are the ones I trash.


  3. I officially started following your blog the other day and I admit, it was confusing. But you don’t know me and I know it’s going to take some time to get the hang of various blogs and the writers’ style, etc; and I am not going to be a creepy-ass stalker accusing you of lying or behaving all sketchy. You do what you got to do!

    Also, I agree with another person’s comment in that it’s OK to mix up your blog entries. If you did something on Sunday and scheduled it for Thursday, but posted something entirely different on Tuesday, then that’s fine! It’s your business, and it’s “playing it safe” on such a well-known and heavily-used platform.

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    1. It is a pick and mix of lots of subjects. I just have so much fun with it…and more than anything I would hope others who viewed my posts went away feeling generally uplifted rather than downhearted. That’s what I want my blog to be…cheerful, colourful, lighthearted. It can be confusing…because my life is like that at times!


  4. Wait so then Jack is 5000 miles away and GF is back? 😛😂💕
    PS.. I tend to notice that, in a comment or two that I may read, before I write to you. I remember one the other day where the person obviously did not read the post and stated how unclear something was when you had mentioned it like two posts prior… (I was about to reply for you, but thats not my business. 😉😁)

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