Anywhere With Him

anywhereMost of the time…it works this way:

Jack tries to get me to agree to change my plans. I do. He tells me he will pick me up at a certain time and asks me to be ready to jump in his car. I am. He drives us off to somewhere he has booked or borrowed for us. I don’t usually know where we are headed.

It doesn’t matter though. Frankly, it could be anywhere. I don’t care where. Just so long as I am with him. He’s exciting. He always was. But I love that he still is.

The past month or so has been different from all the months that preceded it. I’m on a whirlwind tour of the south east of England. Only I am not seeing all that much of the counties I am sleeping overnight in. We usually arrive in the dark. Sometimes we stretch our legs the next day. But most of our time is just plain togetherness.

If a fly was on the wall was watching, he might not be especially entertained. We are mostly just chatting, bantering, looking at his phone, or laptop, or my dairy. Flicking through TV channels, playing cards or games. Eating, drinking, laughing, snuggling up close to each other. There is lots of other loveliness too…but that is between he and I.

I could happily go or be anywhere – with him.

14 thoughts on “Anywhere With Him

    1. We are having a lovely time. He’s made a lot of time for me, well I’ve made time too, but he is busier than I am, and he is doing more travelling for me, and making most of the arrangements for us.
      Long may it last – the loveliness I mean.

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