Love And Laughter Light Up Our Lives

robin and annie0CRUSHED CARAMEL (LEARNER AT LOVE) is a site where you will find love mentioned frequently. Love of all types! Love of family, friends, work, nature, food, music…and the romantic love that certainly makes life a drama, often a comedy and occasionally a  tragedy!

So on this lovely sunny autumnal Sunday, I am going to respond to Rory’s Romcom tag and bring a splash of romance to the rest of the afternoon. Love and laughter make for a delightful movie plot. And Rory has given me the chance to think of some of my favourite movie moments!

I am delighted to have been tagged to take part in a SCENE CUTS! Challenge by Rory himself, the creator of  A Guy Called Bloke, and also the creator of the SCENE CUTS! Challenge. You can see his original post below:

Guidelines: Scene Cuts!

Thank the Selector – THANK YOU RORY!

Select three film clips from the Movies Genre of the Day

Select 3 readers to take part in Scene Cuts

Movie Genre Today: “Romcom”

The first clip I am featuring is from one of the most incredible romantic comedies I have ever seen. Romantic – yes! Comedy – yes! Poignant and moving and inspirational and tear-jerking – incredibly so!

If you have not seen this film, “LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL”, where have you been? With the setting being the build up to the Second World War and the horrors of the concentration camps and the Holocaust, a beautiful love story is told in a delightful way. This movie does everything for me…I am laughing, smiling, crying, sobbing, cheering throughout it. What a story! What a movie!

If you watched the clip and it didn’t make complete sense, watch the whole movie – please do! But I will explain a few things for you. Dora is engaged to a man who thinks only of the advancement of his own career. So he is courting popularity and favour with the wealthy and influential of the Italian glitariati. Of course, at that time in history Italy was friendly with Hitler’s Nazi party. Dora’s engagement party is turning  into a political display.

But some time before the engagement party, Dora has met Guido, an Italian Jew, who has made a big impression on her. He works for his Uncle as a waiter, and on this occasion he is serving at Dora’s engagement party. The horse you see in this clip – well, at the start of the scene, the horse (which belongs to his Jewish Uncle) has been graffitied with racist taunts, just in case you were wondering why the horse is green and has symbols painted on it. The first part of the movie which tells the story of how they fall in love, gives you hints of the challenges that they will face. For the second part of the movie, you need a box of tissues with you and chocolate, lots of chocolate!

This movie tells a very moving love story. It shows how love moves a man to do everything in his power to protect his family from the horrors around them. He tries go on caring for them in every way he can…and to help them be sure that truly, LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL.


As for my second choice…I have not actually seen this movie in full – too much swearing for me! My friends have likened me to Bridget Jones. Those who know me best say I am a combination of Bridget Jones and Maria Von Trapp. I think it would be fairer to sat, I am aiming, aspiring to be like Maria Von Trapp, but sometimes things go wrong and somehow my efforts turn out to be more Bridget Jones than Maria Von Trapp. From the clips I have seen, I can see why my friends tease me about reminding them of Bridget.

As someone who seems to end up getting herself in all sorts of trouble, in style, yet has nothing but loving motives and is full of sunshine…I can see why my life can be at times entertaining to my friends! Here are a couple of clips that friends have used to tease moi – Bridget Von Trapp is what my friends call me.

Believe me…I am always concerned that there is some bizarre drama waiting around the corner for me…and it is something I worry could cause twists and turns in my relationships. Does Jack have any idea what he is letting himself in for?


Well my last choice of clip is the ending (so if you have not seen the movie “YOU’VE GOT MAIL” do not watch this as it might spoil the film for you!) of a movie I could happily watch over and over despite having seen it twenty times or so!

This is not so much a comedy moment…nope, we are going to end this challenge on a romantic note. Because after misunderstandings, miscommunications and misinterpretations – sometimes, wonderfully, beautifully, miraculously…love wins the day!

And how wonderful it is when that happens! I am in a state of amazement at the twist in my own romantic story. Jack! Jack, who I thought despised me…it turns out I was very very wrong about him! And I am so glad!

I am so glad romantic love exists! So glad romantic comedies exist! Thank you for all the laughs, the smiles, the tears! They have made us daydream about romance, made us at times a little crazy, at times a little creepy, at times a little rash and impetuous. But nonetheless, whether we are in or out of love…it is great to curl up on the sofa, and watch a good old romcom – especially on cold wintery weekends!


And the three bloggers I am nominating to take part in Rory’s SCENE CUTS! Challenge are:

4 thoughts on “Love And Laughter Light Up Our Lives”

  1. Nicely done Mel, l knew you would find three smashin Romcoms to fill this space and you have done very nicelu indeed – strangely enough – l am familiar with all of them and yes even including Life is Beautiful which l recall vaguely seeing many years ago now, not long after its release l feel. I have always loved subtitled films, whereas many people do not … – but however – great choices.

    Meg Ryan/Tom Hanks had to make an appearance – they were everyone’s luvvies in the 90’s 🙂 You Got Mail, Joe Versus the Volcano and of course the awesome Sleepless in Seattle … the two just have an amazing on screen ‘thing’ going on 🙂

    Nicely played and glad you enjoyed it 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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