Riya Did Nominate Me For The Liebster Award – I Was Just A Bit Impatient

annie listening1.pngA few weeks ago, I had a message in my notifications a while ago from Riya, the creator of WORLD OF MY THOUGHTS, saying that she had nominated me for THE LIEBSTER AWARD. Here we go…I have copied and pasted the message in my notifications, just in case you start to doubt me:

Riya Gupta commented on I’d Wait Til The End Of Time For You
Nominated you for the Liebster Award…!!!!

Puzzled blonde two females stand close to each other, curve lipsHowever, search though I might, I could not find any of her LIEBSTER AWARD posts that mentioned me being a nominee. So pragmatic as I am, rather than be annoying, I just thought I would pick the most recent LIEBSTER AWARD post on Riya’s site and use the questions from that. However, since I put this post together, Riya has actually published another LIEBSTER AWARD post and there I am listed as a nominee. So I am NOW working on that! However, this post was ready to roll, so after all the effort these posts take, I was hardly going to scrap it!

This was Riya’s previous LIEBSTER AWARD post…and if you care to check…it does not mention me at all…but this is what we are rolling with – ok!!!



  • Acknowledge the blogger that gave it to you and display the award – THANK YOU RIYA!!!
  • Answer 8 questions that the blogger gave you
  • Give 8 random thoughts about yourself – which I have done, but I cheated…mostly copy and paste from another post job I am afraid…I was tired!!
  • Nominate 8 other bloggers and notify them of their nomination
  • Ask your nominees 8 questions – also borrowed from another of my posts – this tiredness malarkey is dictating.

Questions from Riya:

Are you crazy behind something or someone? Why?

ironingCrazy behind something? I am a little behind with my ironing at the moment. There is a great stack of laundry waiting to be pressed. But I love ironing, so that is alright.

I am also a little behind with replying to some of the e-mails I have received in the past few weeks. I have been replying with short messages and promising everyone I will send a longer message when I have time. My trip in the summer knocked me off schedule with everything…and then I came back and found my mind giving attention to my fictional character Annabelle Riley. Now that a blast from the past has steamrollered into my life…I can see that I will be falling behind even further with all sorts! But in a way…it will be nice to send e-mails to friends after Christmas (when we are going to tell our families the news) and have something wonderful to share with them.

If I give you a million dollar, what will you do with it?

fat catsA million dollars is more than one person should ever possess. I have never earnt more than £10,000 a year. (If you know nothing about me, that’s because since I was sixteen years of age I have spent most of my time doing voluntary work for charities.) So in my mind, I have a top limit as to how much money it is appropriate for one person to possess. Beyond a point, it becomes disgusting. I do not agree with people having that much. I think it is grossly absurd for the economy to allow that to happen. We should work for what we need and a little extra to be able to share hospitality with others. Then give the rest away. Greedily hoarding is nonsensical.

walkers legs.jpgI wiped out almost all of my savings on my trip to Australia in the summer, so it would be nice to replenish my savings, so that I wasn’t having to eek everything out so much. I was always told you should have three months rent in the bank. I don’t want to actually buy a house (I understand that people might want a sense of security, but what’s the point of investing in this system?) and I don’t want a car, I like walking because it keeps my legs looking lovely and if I need to go far, London’s public transport system is great. I have more clothes and shoes than I can fit comfortably in my wardrobe. Charity shops have kept me well-supplied.

food1.jpegSo I reckon if I take the three months rent, another £1000 so I can go to Australia again without scrimping and saving…well that’s all less than £3000. So anything more than that, I need to share out. I would make sure people I love and know have what they need, three months rent etc.

I know which of my friends are materialistic in their thinking. Why would I feed that ugly trait? I am not going to buy luxuries for anyone. But I would like to make sure none of my loved ones were in debt and that they had what they needed. How can anyone of good conscience and sound mind really enjoy wasting money on luxuries, when there are so many people who are wasting away with malnutrition? I would probably check with Goldfinch if there is anything special he would like – it would be so nice to be able to afford to buy him something special. He is always going to be very special to me. But I would keep within a sensible limit. Just because I love him, I am not going to express that love by lining coffers of greedy retailers.

important quote.jpgThen with the rest of the money, I would give it to the kind of charities I love working with. Charities that use both donations and their assets very carefully and do things that actually make sense. There are lots of “causes” out there, many of which I don’t think are particularly effective. But charities that don’t just throw relief at people in need, but go into areas and provide useful training and facilities, education and empowerment. Make that money have longer lasting effects. That way the money could actually touch and make a difference to the lives of many, actually many millions of people.

Open my blog, read each poem and say at least 20 words about each one of them along with a link to the respective one. How’s my blog overall?

satisfyingWow…that would be quite a task indeed. This is suddenly feeling like not so much the Liebster Award but the Liebster Inquisition. It’s always a pleasure to open your blog Riya and happily read some of the posts I have previously missed. But I am not going to link and comment on twenty of them! Ay karumba!

I will say this though…I would not be following you if I did not enjoy your posts and think that you are a very eager blogger who is very pleasant to have in this blogging community. I will include links to a couple of my favourite posts from your site:



What’s your dream holiday destination and why?

adelaideCurrently I will still say Adelaide. Although there have been some recent developments in my life that may seem to make that sound strange. I would like to see Goldfinch and make sure he really is ok with everything going on for me here in London. I care about him so much. He has been so sweet about everything. He says he is happy for me and that makes him happy. But still…it’s hard to stop worrying when I am so far away. He will never have any problem finding someone to like him. He is gorgeous. But I always fear – there are a lot of selfish people out there. I want a wonderful caring, kind hearted woman for him…her being beautiful and rich might be a welcome thing in his eyes.

sailingIn the future I would like to travel EVERYWHERE! Hopefully by boat, as slowly as possible! I have big plans for forever! There is no place on earth that I don’t want to see for myself. You may have never met me…but I am coming to visit one day – I promise! It might be a few hundred years, or a few thousand, or even a few million. But I am on my way. I can’t wait to meet you…and I hope you will show me your favourite places and share the music, the food and everything you love about where it is that you call “home”.

What’s that one thing which you love about yourself? And which you hate about yourself?

annie mirror1I don’t really hate anything about myself. There are things I am not especially happy with, but I am content with the entire package. I would never go so far as to use the word “hate”. Rather a dramatic word isn’t it. But of course, there are parts of me (my love-handles for instance) that I am not particularly fond of. I am always a “work-in-progress”. But I am happy with me!

What do I love about myself? Well, mainly I love that I am the daughter of two amazing parents. I hit the jackpot being born to them!

Before doing something, what do you think of, your pleasures or societal pressures?

annie leavingI am guessing that this “something” I am potentially about to do is not a simple affair, like having a cup of tea. It would have to be pretty significant for me to contemplate whether I am doing it for my own pleasure or because society is pressuring me into doing it.

With regard to pressure from “society”…I am more than happy to conform to anything that is obviously sensible and wholesome.

But I think I do escape a lot of the “pressure” and influence of the media by not watching much television and not having a smartphone. I am oblivious to a lot of trends that grip people and make them spend their time, energy and money in questionable ways. My family are very good at getting on with life the way we know it, and not allowing the commercial system to dictate to us. We don’t waste money on buying rubbish during all these nonsensical “holidays”. No way!

What is the most regrettable incidence of your life?

AmbulanceI guess it would have to be that night I went to the park. Waking up in an ambulance…just proves what a regrettable decision I made the night before in not wanting to go home because I was so in anguish about the situation between me and my ex-flatmate.

But it has passed. Right now, I am just so glad to be enjoying a good relationship with my ex-flatmate. Well, a very good relationship actually 😉

How many countries have you traveled so far? Which one did you like the most?

hols.jpgI think a total of fourteen different countries. Which did I like the most? Hmm.

Well…there was a very special someone in Australia who made my trip there one of the happiest holidays of my life.

But I always felt that Sweden was a country I could fall in love with and that I could happily live there for the rest of my life. The things we did in Sweden! It was the most thrilling holiday I have ever enjoyed! Boy oh boy – and we only paid for our flights. Everything else was because of amazing friends.

Out of the world, what makes you the happiest?

“Out of the world”…, as I have no experience in outer-world travel as of yet, I am taking this question to mean what makes me happiest in all the world, rather than out of the world.

What makes me happiest? I am no stranger to happiness. There is a very long list of things and people that trigger ripples and waves of happy thoughts. feelings and memories. 

Do you think your life is worth living? I want a reason.

Riya has requested a reason…so I shall supply a reason, or perhaps a number of reasons – let’s see how generous I am feeling today!

warzoneI will say this first…we have all been born in the middle of a warzone – all of us. Our Creator has an enemy who is on a “rule-or-ruin” mission. The scale of ruination can be very distressing at times. People are being stripped of all dignity and treated cruelly. Animals and our environment are being devastated. Disease, war, crime ravage individuals, families, communities. The issue of rulership is being decided. There is already a huge amount of testimonial record of how independence from our Creator affects mankind and the rest of creation on Planet Earth. The end is in sight! Very soon…this earth will come under the rule of our loving Creator! Life will be better than you and I have ever been allowed to imagine.

Despite the dismal, devastating, degrading acts that humans have carried out towards other humans and the creatures we share our beautiful home with…life can be very beautiful even now. Just think of all that our Creator has provided which makes our spirits soar! 

Love…love makes life something quite spectacular. Family, friends and even strangers…love produces smiles, deep joy, warmth and security.

Work…can be very satisfying and rewarding. I know some jobs feel like “dead-end jobs”…that is part of this stinking economic system. Personally I could only handle that kind of monotony if I had wonderful things to occupy myself with when I was not at work.

Creation…someone with an incredible and beautiful imagination took great care to design a beautiful home…and incredible creatures – and he made it our home. He assigned us to care for it, to make paradise flourish all over it. Soon we will be able to enjoy the quality of life He intended for us.


Hope…as well as all of the other remarkable assurances our Creator has made, including and end to war, crime, abuse, disease and old age…there is something simply astonishing ahead of us: the resurrection of humans who have died since Adam’s rebellion. Billions of people will wake up. I have a list of people, friends and family members who I miss very much. I can’t wait to see them! I do believe, that once the earth is a global paradise, which is only going to happen under our creator’s rulership, the period of human history when the resurrection occurs will be the best yet! Tears of joy…welcome back parties, building homes for our loved ones who we lost because of the war that has been waging since that pivotal moment in the garden of Eden.

look aheadAnd he will wipe out every tear from their eyes, and death will be no more, neither will mourning nor outcry nor pain be anymore – Rev 21:4

A clean earth, a happy healthy human family, thriving creatures and environment, no stress, no pain, no grief! Keep living! Your future is going to be wonderful!!! Never feel alone…see the entire human family as relatives you have not had chance to get to know properly. You will have chance to work alongside many who you have not met yet perhaps, working on making this earth a paradise. Then at the end of a day of satisfying work, we can relax with good food, great music, stunning views of the scenery and I am sure we will have so much to talk about…and thank our Creator for!

I googled “thank you songs” and a song came up that made me think about how it will feel for the entire human family to be united in thanking our Creator for cleaning our earth of wickedness, injustice, corruption, pollution and the cold hearted quest for profit. Can you imagine life when all creation is thriving like our Creator originally intended. It makes my heart thrilled by the thought of what is ahead of us!

Eight Random Facts About Moi:

  • I used to open Robbie Williams’ fan mail. It was my job, I wasn’t a stalker!
  • I love karaoke!
  • My voice used to be heard by shoppers visiting a popular retail chain. I did a series of recorded promotions along the lines of: “Good morning ladies and gentleman and welcome to (THE NAME OF THE STORE). Our winter sale is now on and you can save up to 50% on all clothing ranges. Find winter essentials for the whole family. Thank you for shopping at…” The recordings were played every fifteen – twenty minutes at stores in the UK.
  • I have been vegetarian since I was six years old.
  • laneI live in London – like many young Londoners I have had to move a number of times. In the nine years I have lived in London, I have lived in six different properties.
  • I have fallen off three buses in my life, once off the school bus when I was fourteen, ended up with a back-slab on for weeks and had to use crutches. And twice on packed London buses.
  • My primary school was burnt down to the ground when I was seven years of age. For years our whole primary school had to be transported on double-decker buses to a high school on the opposite side of our town that had some spare classrooms.
  • Candles scare me. In the town I grew up in there were a lot of deadly house fires due to accidents with candles or cigarette stubs that had not been extinguished properly. The houses on the council estate I grew up on would burn up like cardboard. Whole families have been lost in some of the fires that occurred. Very upsetting. Whenever anyone gives me candles as a gift, I give them away to someone else, normally a charity shop.

Eight Questions For My Nominees

  8. IF YOU COULD HAVE ONE PERFECT DAY – WHERE WOULD IT BE? WHO WOULD YOU BE WITH? WHAT WOULD YOU EAT?  (That is several questions rolled into one – but we would love to know what would make a perfect day to you.

My Nominees

11 thoughts on “Riya Did Nominate Me For The Liebster Award – I Was Just A Bit Impatient”

  1. Congratulations on the award! I’m glad you chose these questions! Awesome answers, especially on that last one! The image used was very powerful too! I actually laughed at the image you used for the question about your pleasure vs. societies….good one.

    I hope all is well in your neck of the woods!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Stuart 🙂

      They were great questions. These posts take so long! But it is very satisfying to finish them eventually.

      The woods here are beautiful, but very muddy because we have had so much rain recently. Jack and I have walked a lot in the woods near hear and up near him too. I am all good, except for my poor nose – I had a run in with gravity and came off the loser!


      1. You’re welcome Melody!

        Yes, they do take a while. But they are fun at the same time…lol

        I’m sorry about your nose ☹️ Glad to hear all is good and that you have had the pleasure of walking around outside enjoying nature. So peaceful doing that 😊


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