The Secret Maze Through Which I Weave My Way

hiding6The pretty pocket of London I live in at the moment has a lot of hidden passages and walkways. Very hidden. More and more, I am frequenting these secret little routes, with someone gripping my hand as I lead the way.

Rather than walking down the main road, I can turn right onto another road and then take the second left into a tiny cul-de-sac. Hidden between two gardens is a narrow footpath which comes out at another cul-de-sac. There you find yet another narrow footpath which splits into two directions…or you can take a slightly wider footpath, which takes you on towards a whole network of discreet little pathways in between grand properties. 

During the summer time I explored them, because I often went out walking on those lovely summer evenings. It turns out to be fairly useful. I can’t take “him” onto the high street without attracting attention.

But thanks to the hidden maze of tiny pathways, we can weave our way from where I live and end up in numerous interesting places. There are some nice little pubs down little lanes which always seem quiet. We might go to some of those pubs sometimes…in the future.

hiding3We can escape the maze of little pathways and come out in the heart of the woods. But it’s so dark!!! I have two mini-torches. He uses his phone for torchlight. I need to buy him some proper wellington boots. The woods are so muddy after all the rain we have had. I am dreading what will happen if one of us slips and ends up covered with mud!

But it is kind of romantic…walking hand in hand in dark forest, me clinging to him. Such a turn out. The two of us like teenagers, sneaking off into the woods! Not hiding from our parents as such, just hiding from the world.

It is so nice that we have this little bubble for the moment. Lots of chats, lots of fun, lots of kissing. It’s working well! Well, for the most part! We had a slight interruption to our plans this week, but I am just too tired to think about it right now. I will tell you about it another day.

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