Murder In The Kitchen

beetroot.jpgWhat have I been up to today?

Well…if you came round to where I was working today (and I had a lot of visitors today), you may have been puzzled. Has there been some kind of a massacre? you may have wondered. It’s alright, I have cleared up the mess, and hidden all of the evidence now. Hopefully, not even the latest forensic technology would be able to detect the havoc I wreaked earlier today.

today.pngI was making Beetroot Soup! Ay karumba!!! Red beetroot juice managed to splash everywhere – all over the counter tops, stove, tiles, cupboard doors, floor…sigh! It took me longer to clear up the kitchen than it did to make the soup!

However, it is one yummy recipe. It has carrots, celery, onion, garlic and apple in as well as a lot of beetroot. I need to get myself one of those whizzer thingies, because putting the veggies into the food processor is one very messy technique of blitzing the mixture.

robin and annie garden.jpgToday was an earning money day. I earnt my bread and butter by cooking and gardening. I love the gardening jobs I have. Although the rain has interfered with a lot of my work recently. It’s a very nice way to earn a living.

The day is not over yet. I have an ironing job to do. I squished all my work into one day so I could spend the last three days with Jack. It’s been a nice day. I listened to music the whole time I was cooking and while dishes were in the oven, I could read some posts from other bloggers. A very satisfying day indeed.

Ciao for now!

9 thoughts on “Murder In The Kitchen

    1. I cheated…well the recipe said just to use the vacuum packed beetroot. I make another soup sometimes where you have to roast the raw beetroots and also roast a couple of garlic bulbs…but it takes ages to make that one.

      I like beetroot…I have a friend from Ethiopia who is vegan, her cooking is delicious. I noticed she is using more beetroot in dishes. It’s lovely to have the variety.

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      1. Do you find that there are one or two foods that just turn your stomach? I’m strange with veetroot, I’ve never even rasted it but…euggh! My wife is the same, but with shellfish. So oysters were out when I was trying to have my wicked way withher 😉

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        1. I guess I feel a bit like that about eating meat. The only vegetable that I don’t enjoy is broad beans…you know that rubbery texture they have. If I was going to have broad beans they would have to be hidden with lots of other veggies and heavily seasoned.

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