Midnight Messages


smart phoneThank you for replying within seconds although you know I should be asleep.

I know I ought to know better, I am an adult now. But it still means so much that when I feel a bit overwhelmed I can reach over to my phone and type a quick message and almost instantly you have read my worries and can return to me words of comfort and encouragement.

robin phoneThank you for being on the end of the phone at all sorts of strange hours. For caring enough to know that I could not sleep, and I needed to hear from you.

Thank you for reading in between the lines of my cheerful chatter and asking me why I was still awake. Thank you for probing until I confessed something was on my mind.

Thank you for taking it in your stride and reacting calmly, giving me clear advice that I would think about all night and remember the following morning.

too muchI am trying to get out of the habit of sending you midnight messages. But you are my closest friend. you know secrets I have not been able to share elsewhere.

I find myself thinking of you last thing at night, wanting to tell you the events of the day. After a series of midnight messages between us, the comfort eases my heart and I often fall asleep waiting for another reply from you.

I had a wonderful time the past three days with him. But I blacked out again. It was crushing to realize what had happened. It’s the first time it has happened in almost three months. I am alright physically, just feeling a bit fragile because he had a taster of what life can be like after my head injuries.


Thank you for the midnight messages. I think I will be able to fall asleep now. I miss you so much. I am so glad to have you as my friend. I don’t know what I would do without you. I am so glad I have had you in my life…I don’t really want to ever lose you.

12 thoughts on “Midnight Messages

    1. Do you remember Worzel Gummidge?
      We were hoping that a bit like he used to be able to swap his head for another, maybe at some stage I will be able to.
      I am alright. I am used to it. Gave Jack a fright though. Still he had to know what happens.


      1. But you’re right. Ifhe knows and still wants to be with you, that’s got to be good. I still have stroke days – although mostly I get through them on my own so no-one ever gets to see. Until I write about them! I don’t get so many any more.

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        1. My close friends know what to do if I have any difficulties. I have explained to Jack too. I have some medical notes in my handbag.

          I have an overnight bag with a few useful items, and some medical information written down in the side pocket so that if I had to go to hospital my friends can pick up it up if I am going to have to stay overnight.

          But I think it was different me telling him what sometimes happens to me suddenly being on the ground and unresponsive! In a way it was good for him to understand, but we’ll see how he feels next time I am with him.

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          1. It sounds like it’s probably better that he does know, just so he knows how to react. Did you once say he was 50? At that age he might have his own issues, or his friends might have, so hopefully he’s able to cope. A 20yo would run a mile! I hope I remembered that right – that he’s 50, not 20 πŸ˜€

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