Pray It Won’t Fade Away

peaceful.pngThe more time we are together…the less I care about the past. The past has just disappeared into thin air.

I have mentioned a couple of times already…the overwhelming feeling I have right now is peace. I hope that peace doesn’t fade. It is a huge weight from my heart. It is incredibly energising to have a burden like that removed.

In fact you could say, the walls I built, they are tumbling down (oooh I can feel a song coming – can you?) I found a way to let him in. Maybe I am taking a risk in letting things happen between us so quickly, but I am never going to shut him out. You know the song don’t you! Everywhere I look I feel his embrace. It turns out he is everything I need and more. The only one I want. (Although I have a huge part of my heart still devoted to Goldfinch. It’s all very sudden.

perfickAlthough I am concerned that this has all happened very quickly…I am equally baffled at how on earth we have been apart for over four years. It seems stupidly obvious that he and I are almost perfect for each other. I say “almost” because there will be some things that cause challenges. They haven’t arisen yet, but I already know in the back of my head what I am going to find challenging. But it’s not him, it’s the aspects of his fame that cause a complete invasion of privacy and invite strangers to commentate on deeply personal matters.

For now…he is almost perfect in my eyes. No, he does not wear a halo…but the song is so perfect! There is nobody completely perfect. But almost perfect in the sense that he is almost everything I would ever hope for. You would have to know the two of us to see how in accord we are. We care about the same things, and have the same drive. I have never met another man with whom I feel we are so unified in thought and outlook.

He has rescued me from feeling there was a disturbance to peace in my galaxy. Now we are at peace…and it is perfect! Pray it never fades away.

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