He Will Take Me Home…Eventually

I had an e-mail with a few photographs of an event “Jack” was at the other night. All I could focus on was him. Him in a tux. Wow! (No, this is not “Jack”!)

take me home.jpgI have seen him in a tux before. But he has lost some weight, or maybe he has been trying to tone or something. But he looks better than he used to in a penguin suit. And his hair is just a touch longer than last weekend. He had just had it trimmed last time I saw him, and it was just a bit too short. He always has his hair trimmed by a guy who works in a posh salon. “Jack” doesn’t go to the salon. The guy, (I can’t remember his name, it is Japanese) goes round to Jack’s and trims it there. He always goes too short. “Jack” is teased by his friends, because he looks odd with it so short.

“Jack” always says it is because his hair grows so quickly. So he has to have it cut really short a week or so before he is going somewhere important, and then it is just about perfect when he needs it to be. In the photos Jack sent me, his hair was perfect. He looked so smooth! It gave me butterflies in my tummy see him.

He was going to come here on Sunday. Now…he has suggested a change of plan slightly. When I finish work on Saturday, he wants me to meet him close to where he will be (he is at another event on Saturday at a venue a few stops up the tube line from here). It’s such a crazy plan. But it’s exciting that is coming up with silly plans just so he can see me twelve hours sooner than we had arranged.

lushIf I go to meet him on Saturday, there is a risk. Will he be spotted with a caramel blonde? He will be in a penguin suit again. That means I can’t turn up to meet him in jeans. No…I will be in a dress, and with red luscious lips and curled hair.

Wearing a dress to ride up the tube a few stops, meet him in a car park, and then be in his car while he drives us out to Jono’s house. I have to hide in the car, he will go in and grab the keys to Jono’s cottage in the Cotswolds. (Plan for a couple of weeks from now.) Then it’s drive back to London, sneak back into my little place in the middle of the night. It is such a crazy plan. All for the sake of a little extra time together. But it so so exciting!!!!

Then…me in my dress, him in his tux…but not for long! I’m telling you!

21 thoughts on “He Will Take Me Home…Eventually”

    1. We are keeping it quiet just for the moment, just to avoid pressure. It was horrible six years ago or so when so many people took an interest and felt free to voice their opinions of us. I am not ready for that. But it will come. We are going to tell our family first…and then close friends…and then I think nowadays news spreads on it’s own.
      But it is fun Paula. He is fun.

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        1. Goldfinch is fine, he is just as wonderful as ever. But he is still 10,100 miles away. He has been telling me for a long time that I should be willing to meet someone else here in England and fall in love. But what has happened neither of us were expecting. It all started around seven weeks ago. I have dropped a few hints along the way:

          That Was Me

          I Will Never Ignore My Phone Again

          Just Pinch Me

          My Perfect 2020 Vision

          I’d Wait Til The End Of Time For You

          Just Spit It Out Man!

          Please Don’t Judge Me

          …and I have mentioned in several posts that Goldfinch knows about everything. He is like my best friend:

          I Will Always Love You

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    1. Well…the rain is something you get used to isn’t it. I have never let it subdue my social life.
      I have changed my choice of outfit though. I am going to wear a rain coat and boots….so I have a different dress that goes with both.
      Need to curl my hair before I head out 🙂

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  1. I think it makes it all so much more exciting. And you need that excitement, and as much as you can possibly get with todays relationships. There is something about keeping it “secret” that bonds two people to each other stronger! I say have fun, make the most out of it, no need to rush at all!

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    1. For now, it seems the wisest option. We know each other’s families already. And we have a lot of mutual friends. But the pressure we had a few years ago was something that caused problems between us, so it has seemed best to give ourselves some privacy for the moment.
      I am looking forward to my family knowing what has happened. It’s only another six weeks or so before we tell them.


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