Girl Talk

best in wengenIt has been generally cold, grey, damp and miserable. That is the weather of course…certainly not the course of my life of late!

I had a hot chocolate the other day. It was like drinking thick chocolate soup. It was delicious. It has been a long time when I have been cold and tired enough to want that kind of indulgence, but I am so glad of it. There was something I really wanted to tell my friend I was having hot chocolate with. I was so desperate for some girl talk. But I couldn’t tell her without blowing the cover Jack and I are managing to maintain.

I had a few e-mails from my ex. I haven’t written lots about him. Basically, before I met Goldfinch, there was a male friend of mine that tried to date me. But it went terribly wrong. Several reasons. he is wealthy, and he really likes money and what it can buy. That was a problem to me. In addition, the kind of relationship he wanted was not the kind of relationship I wanted.

We called it quits in September 2017, around six weeks before I met Goldfinch. But we have been friends for a long time, so we kept in touch. Anyway, in the summer I told him I was going out to Australia. I realized that he had presumed I was moving out there to live in Australia. I just didn’t see any need to correct him.

smart phoneWell, a couple of weeks ago, news got back to him that I am here in England, and I have had several messages from him. I don’t know whether to tell him I am seeing someone else, someone here. It may provoke his investigative nature. He knows Jack. No, I can’t let on anything.

I think I will just send a general friendly message not telling him anything about my relationship status. I could do the British thing, and talk about the weather.

The most important thing is to make sure I do not give him any ideas about he and I getting back together again. It took him a long time to except Goldfinch. I think it is best to leave him in ignorance for the moment.