The Song That Dean Wrote

dean playIn my recent posts, I referred a couple of times to a new song that Dean performed at Madison Square Gardens in a sold acoustic performance. He had dedicated another song “Her Dreams” and this new one to his Nan, which of course is his name for Annabelle Riley. If you scroll down, you will find that song!

Dean had met Annabelle when she was seventeen. She left home to be with him once the band he was in were given a record deal started to tour. Dean has spoken about how supportive Annabelle was to him, especially in pushing him with live performances which he found terrifying.

toxicIf you have been following the story, you will know that Annabelle struggled with some of what she saw Dean and the other band members becoming involved with the more successful they became. Exhaustion started to take a toll on her. Dean felt she was becoming jealous and insecure (it turned out she had good reason to be). On discovering that Annabelle was harming herself, arguments began. They had a rocky relationship for some time, which ended one night in a heated argument. Annabelle has already spoken about how she feels she provoked Dean until he snapped. A single act of violence when Dean lashed out at Annabelle was enough to make them realize that too much damage had occurred. Annabelle was twenty-four years of age when she found herself alone in life again. Three months later, she met Robin.

dean2I hope you have enjoyed getting to know Dean better during the trip Annabelle and Chris took to New York to see him. I just hope I have done justice to the character I had in my head. Dean is an important part of Annabelle’s story and I hope that what has happened with Dean will help you to understand Annabelle’s thoughts and feelings as she faces decisions in the last parts of her story…all scheduled to be published over the next week or so.

A few nights ago I found I could not sleep, my mind was wired. I turned the lamp which sits on my bedside table on and I wrote this song. I might ask the man you know as Jack for some help with writing the music and chords for it…at the moment the tune is all in my head. It’s not brilliant, but it felt so satisfying to write a song, which expresses a little of how Dean is now feeling towards Annabelle. At the moment the title of the song is “Only One Woman”…but I might re-think that title.




I took a child who became a woman

It turns out the woman is still a child

Who needs to be held and told she’s a good girl

I took her flower and she made me a man

I ‘m the man who forgot to buy her flowers

Though she needs love to make her petals unfurl


I did what she hated

Tanked up on booze and cocaine

She never stopped loving

Until I left her broken

Calling out “Darling can you hear me?

I don’t want you to ever fear me

You must know that I want you near me

So I told myself over again

Now it’s too late, she’s not coming back


Softer than the starlight and stronger than steel

She believed what was in my head could be real

She was the one pushing me to reach my dreams

Discovered too late I’d lost someone so rare

Why did I hurt her, deceive and betray her?

It’s no wonder I’m still haunted by her screams


I did what she hated

Tanked up on booze and cocaine

She never stopped loving

Until I left her broken

Calling out “Darling can you hear me?

I don’t want you to ever fear me

You must know that I want you near me

And I’ve been believing all this time

Now it’s too late, she’s not coming back


She came to see me one rainy afternoon

She gave me a reason to finish this tune

I needed to tell her all that I did wrong

I was bewildered staring into her eyes

On realizing she still stirs these same fires

Only one woman can make me feel this strong


She gives up her own dreams to make yours come true

Won’t believe in herself, she’ll believe in you


Only one woman can make me feel this strong

Only one woman can make me feel this strong

Only one woman

Only one woman



And hey…if you are a musician and wanted to put these lyrics to music…I would love to hear this song come to life! So go for it!



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