Love Used To Live Here

I was tagged for a TELL THE STORY challenge by rue202 rue202, the creator of Racheal’s Novels , as you can see from her post below:

My head is not great with fiction. And I have given so much attention to my Annabelle Riley story, I was struggling to think of a another story. So instead I thought I would use the picture prompt to explain how I feel whenever I visit historical buildings or sites.

This was the picture prompt I was tagged to TELL THE STORY with:

tell the story.jpg

I imagine what it must have been like when these places had people dwelling within them. Living, working, resting. I wonder what kind of clothes they would have worn, what kind of food they would have eaten. I imagine the whole range of human emotion and activity.

hands1.jpgAmongst the oldest of penned stories and accounts, are tales of love, victory, jealousy and anger. Humans have not really changed. We still have the same feelings as people who lived their lives hundreds of years ago, thousands of years ago.

When I go to The British Museum especially, I see the remnants of mighty empires, and it always strikes me that these civilisations essentially crumbled. They became more “successful” in a material way, and began to enjoy more and more luxuries. But then immorality and corruption began to breed.

Family life broke down. Love turned cold. These once mighty empires crumbled within.

brokeOne of the most important lessons humans need to learn from history is to never let love grow cold. For when love is scarce, we humans crumble. Families shatter, communities segregate, populations suffer, once mighty empires crumble.

“Family is the oldest human institution. In many ways it is the most important. It is society’s most basic unit. Entire civilizations have survived or disappeared, depending on whether family life was strong or weak” – The World Book Encyclopedia (1973)

When I walk amongst the ruins of the past…I think of all the people who once loved within those walls. Love used to live there. Yet love is no longer there.


Well…I am going to continue the TELL THE STORY challenge by nominating three other bloggers and providing a picture I hope you find inspirational:

tell the story.png

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