Low Brow Entertainment

budsHe and I spending time together is a good thing. You make time for what or who is important somehow.

Very kindly he decided to drive me up to nearer to the north of England, where he had booked a hotel room. Today has been nice. I think we both felt safer here than in London. We could float around the little village shops without anyone seeming to notice him at all. He’ll take me to the train station so I can catch the train to one of the towns where I have family. He would have taken me all the way to North Wales, except that my family don’t yet know. (Neither do his.) He has a lot of connections in North Wales too. Wales has churned out a very high volume of volunteers for many years.

scaryHe wanted me to watch some of the BBC Apprentice competition or whatever it is supposed to be. It was unbelievably awful! But apparently it is perfectly ok for me to feel that way and to say it. The behaviour of the contestants is shocking…and apparently that is what makes this show compulsive viewing.

It is completely low-brow. Terribly so. Yet it is clear that some of the contestants aspire to be high-brow! And I don’t mean that only in a figurative sense. There was something very off-putting about watching that episode, besides one contestant who was so aggressive, I think I might be tempted to call the police if he ever tried to negotiate a business deal with me.

I had to turn my gaze away from the screen though whenever the female contestants were on display. He noticed and asked me what was going on. Their eyebrows…I cannot watch the eye-brow atrocities. The appalling attitudes, conversations and behaviour are repellant enough…but the eye-brows just broke my nerve. Can’t look…it’s just horrible!

I have a bit of an eye-brow phobia. Especially “cosmetically enhanced eye-brows”, if that is the right term.


I think I have mentioned before that my eye-brows are fairly feeble, they are there, but they are a bit faint. I stopped plucking them at all a while back and decided to let them grow a bit. I keep an eye on them to make sure they are neat.

Friends tell me to go to a make-up artist and ask for advice on making my eye-brows bigger and bolder, but I am terrified of trusting them. I can’t bear to see women made to look like clowns with over the top eye-brows. I told “him” about my fear and he thought it was hilarious. He said my eye-brows are just fine the way they are.

Right answer! He is a keeper!


10 thoughts on “Low Brow Entertainment

    1. It makes me very nervous about going to a professional make-up artist. If I ever do, I am going to ask them to be very very careful around my eye-brows.

      I will never forget what happened when my sister Mandy went to a make-up artist before her high school prom night. She came back looking dreadful. She was so upset.

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      1. Reminds me of what has happened to some people who get plastic surgery. Some turn out so awful, I don’t think it can be reversed, which is sad.


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