What Have I Done?

So much for taking things slowly! I can’t even make sense of it myself right now, never mind write about it. It’s unbelievable, even to me. In fact I am starting to feel like I am the star of my very own Truman show and that someone is writing the script because this feels like the craziest kind of Hollywood melodrama.

what have i done.jpgWhat have I done? I feel as if my heart has been torn in two. And it’s awful. But at the same time it’s as if a miracle has happened. But it’s terrible on my part.

This is not making any sense is it? And for the writing my thoughts down on WordPress is keeping me sane! I can’t wait to be able to share this with my nearest and dearest.

All I ask is that somebody wonderful, some absolutely stunning woman who is just as beautiful on the inside as outside will go and be the perfect woman for a very special man. I wish him the best woman on the planet, and I think he might like it if she was rich and without any obligations. For I love him very very much and want him to be extremely happy.

robin and annie goodbye

I kind of wish I could have chance to go back to Australia and hold him in my arms and tell him how much I love him. But I think I did try to do that every day I was in Australia during the summer. So I hope he knows. I would never want to hurt him.

I know this is not making complete sense, but a miracle has occurred and I can’t ignore it.

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