This Is The Last Place You Will Read About Politics

driveI am going out tonight! Only for a drive. I am the passenger, not the driver. I don’t know where we are going. I will tell you all about it another time. For now I just wanted to think out loud for a few moments. (I think that’s what a lot of us are doing with our blogging/writing anyhow, so I am hoping you will oblige me.)

I published a post last night about how I had a little bit of a telling off for being overly exuberant. I really appreciate all the lovely comments I received. My “superiors”, the people in charge of the project I was working on, were perfectly appropriate in what they pointed out to me, and they made sure that I could not take their observations the wrong way. They were very very kind and complimentary about me as a person.

ooopsThe only reason I mention this is that I was thinking about MISTAKES. We make mistakes, or misjudgments, we misunderstand, we miscommunicate, we miss the bus and we are late for work. But we get over it, we bounce back, we move on. We pick ourselves up, dust ourselves down and carry on along the way. Hopefully, not too much damage has been done, but we do what we can to straighten things out and we learn a lesson, trying to avoid the same mistake again.

ooops3.jpgWhen I was a younger, I used to feel really upset if I had a telling off, it used to really knock my confidence. But nowadays, I am better at telling myself just to take the helpful advice and not let the correction crush my little old heart. But it takes a little while…for a day or two I am a tiny bit bruised, but I look at the person who corrected me with love. They love me enough to help me to see that I am causing calamity or problems that I may not have been aware of. There are plenty of times, I am so glad that someone pointed something out to me early enough to save me embarrassment and humiliation.

Now…as the title of this post makes clear, I am not going to be introducing politics onto this site. I stay neutral. I am not going to be taking sides with any parties or issues. I am way above anything as trivial as politics – haha! Just added that last sentence for effect. Don’t all jump on me now!

ooops1.jpgBut I was watching the BBC news at lunchtime, and it put the whole subject of mistakes, particularly mistakes at work, into perspective. Can you imagine having one of the most public, publicised and painful jobs in the country (ie being the prime minister), and being told by the Supreme Court “you did something bad!” That makes my mistake at work fade into inconsequence!

I am not political at all, so please don’t think I am trying to make any political statement here. I am just thinking about mistakes, coming to terms with them, accepting correction and moving on. But for anyone, and I mean anyone, who is constantly scrutinised and criticised…oh I just can’t imagine it. It must be a living nightmare! You must have to have skin thicker than an armadillo’s! or an avocado’s skin – all green and lumpy too.

annie secret

I am going to get over my mistake so much more quickly. I can see myself bouncing into work gleefully tomorrow (but with a little more restraint and self-control) without feeling even a tiny bit sullen. My mistake will be forgotten, it will not be in any history books, it will not be analysed by media corporations and brought up time and time and time again in my workplace.

I am not political at all – but I will say this, I am sooooooooooo glad I have a nice job. And really nice colleagues and lovely lovely superiors who really like me and just want me to succeed.

8 thoughts on “This Is The Last Place You Will Read About Politics”

  1. You know you say about thinking out loud right a the top? That’s one of the reasons I *do* bring politics into my blog. I blast it down on paper (screen!), play around with the words a bit, and out pops quite a coherent point of view. Well, I think so, anyway. I think I make perfect sense! The blog serves as a braindump.

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  2. To quote Johnson’s sister “he’ll be enjoying every minute of this” (as PM) so dont waste your sympathy on him, there are far more deserving cases.


    1. Honestly honestly, I was only thinking of the mistake I had made at work earlier. The post I published the day before detailed how I was told off for being a bit too energetic and exuberant. They were very kind to me, but at first I felt so bad. It was when I was watching he news that I though to myself…what am I worried about? My mistake will be soon forgotten. All I need to do is tone myself down at times, be a bit more discerning in when it is appropriate to be more lively.

      I am not remotely involved in politics…completely neutral on all issues. I just pay my taxes and obey the law.

      The post really was about being able to recover from mistakes and move on.

      I did see some of Rachel’s interview. It was interesting. I have a family member in government…and the rest of our family are very very careful to stay out of it…we are not political at all.

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      1. I completely understand and accept that your post was non political and you were thinking out loud that in the grand scheme of things your mistake was completely harmless in comparison.

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        1. Absolutely…I am very careful not to take any sides. It’s sometimes a challenge when there is so much on the news, and I have friends and colleague who want to talk about it. The political scene is dramatic, turbulent to say the least…I hear all sorts of people’s views. But I keep schtum.

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