Just Spit It Out Man!

expressing love.jpgIf you are a man and you are reading this, please don’t take offense…but sometimes men can be hilarious. Hilarious when it comes to communicating their feelings, expressing their emotions. Not all men. And then there are the charmers, who I am always a bit wary of. But I have had experiences with men who mumble and mutter and fudge their attempt to admit they have a soft spot for….well me. I am not referring to an enormous list. Just a small select few.

It matters not how you say it, just say it! Spit it out! He found a way to try to say it to me…and I honestly felt as if I was in the car with a teenager! But it was sweet. And what matters most is that it was greatly appreciated and in some ways it was just the best news I have heard in living memory! I wish he had communicated it long long ago. Well, he did try, but it came at a very bad time. And it seemed to evapourate quickly. Oh dear, we have so much talking to do.

carloveHow did he say it? He played a song…he was tapping around on his phone and then it started to play out of the car speakers. He was quiet, I was quiet. He looked at me, I looked at him. And out hands met on the gear-stick in his car. It’s a start! He is not a charmer, he never was a charmer. He bumbles expressing his emotions. But it matters not…he found a way to say it…and it was adorable!

The last time he said those words to me was six years ago. I remember it very well. I even wrote a post about it. I wrote a whole series of posts about what happened during the week afterwards and why the words seemed so hollow back then. He didn’t actually say the words outloud today…but the song…and the kisses…they made it all quite clear. Six years! This time, I hope nothing ruins this.

17 thoughts on “Just Spit It Out Man!

  1. What about when you’ve fancied someone? Have you said anything to them? I used to find it incredibly difficult and probably missed out on wonderful experiences as a result, because I tended to err on the side of caution. If I did ever summon up enough courage to ask someone out, I was always surprised if they said yes. Plus, as soon as you’re in a work environment, you *have* to behave like that.
    But I muddled through it – I consider myself very lucky now to be happily married, and for all that **** to be well behind me – for *** is exactly what it was.

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    1. I have had phases in my life – as a teenager, if I liked someone, I would go all shy and make a fool of myself. But I was courted by Jammy (real name Jamie) for seven, almost eight years. Then I kept my head down and was too bust for work…turned down two marriage proposals that came along (I don’t know what possessed either of them) and then met Jack – my former flatmate who knocked me over, never mind swept me off my feet!
      Then after I was attacked I was not eager for a relationship anyway…until I met Goldfinch. He has been wonderful. What has happened with Jack recently is totally unexpected.

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      1. For me I never really thought anybody *could* be interested, I thought I was too X, or not Y enough. If somebody *was* interested they’d have to make it very (very!) obvious. It was only really in my late 20s that I realised it was all bs, that I was still a decent human being despite X and Y, which were probably self-perceived anyway. I do feel for this chap because it must’ve taken tremendous courage for him to go out on a limb like that, when he was probably expecting you to laugh in his face. I know that’s not what happened, but I bet that’s what he was expecting.

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        1. The situation between us has been very strained for a few years. But what he said to me on Sunday…I made sure that he understood my feelings are extremely warm to him. I don’t think he could possibly have been in any doubt. He is arranging something for us at the weekend. And he and I are going to meet at 7pm this evening. He is taking me for a drive…don’t know where.

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