They Say I Did Something Bad

make an entrance.jpgI am a good girl you know. I really really am. But occasionally I get myself into trouble. The problem is I am a lively little bundle of energy. I become over-excitable at times, over eager. I go above and beyond in every task asked of me. And damn…do I like to make an entrance!

Sooooooo…I got told off about something I completely bumbled recently, due to my exuberance and eagerness to help. But the telling off was so sweet…they love me. They love my energy and enthusiasm, I just need to learn to reign it in!

I felt like a little girl getting a telling off at first, I know I was full of adrenaline and was going for it that day…oblivious to the chaos left in my wake! But they were so kind and so complimentary when they told me off…not difficult to swallow the criticism at all. Need to learn to calm myself down sometimes!!!


24 thoughts on “They Say I Did Something Bad”

    1. I have to remember sometimes that I am at work…it’s not the live Caramel show! I am one of those people who can concentrate on work and provide the entertainment at the same time. But other people stop working to watch the show…which causes them to make mistakes – eeeeeek!
      So I need to make sure I let them do what they are supposed to and then when work is quiet I can make sure everyone is having fun!

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        1. Exactly! I remember at school when I was playing fir a sports team (I think it was netball) trying to motivate my team members….

          ….oh Jeanne I got such a telling off. It’s not appropriate to stand on a table in the school dining hall cheering the team on and chanting that we were going to win (or words to that effect!)

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    1. Goodness Kristian – if you and I were working together we would be in trouble everyday!

      I probably should not drink coffee in the morning…because it makes me ten times more hyper!


    1. I am a funny one. I love work, but love people just a bit more. So although I always give my 100% with work, I am always keeping my eye on the people around me and trying to keep them happy and smiling.

      I picked up on a bit of stress when I met some of these peeps, so I made it my mission to lighten the mood. I think I took it a little bit too far though :/

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  1. It’s crazy right? I am 50 and I still feel like a teen whenever I get corrected or in trouble for something. I have no idea where that comes from. It’s probably why I cant ever see myself getting older? 😬

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    1. I think because I am a good girl….I always feel slightly devastated when I get a telling off. But they were so nice in what they said…it was easier to understand and accept…I just need to control my fizz!

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      1. I think it’s part of the charm and probably one of the features they picked up on when you applied. I say don’t change! Stay true. πŸ˜›I think it’s worked for me for the most part

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    1. πŸ™‚ I think they really like me…but they want me to be a bit more aware of what is going on that may mean I need to halt with the fire works and cheer leading and dancing on tables for a while πŸ™‚


      1. I know. Another song about doing something wrong is Try Everything in the 2016 movie Zootopia – but that is actually very good and the lyrics are no way weird, but relatable.


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