Chris and Annabelle have just spent a day together in New York. Will the rest of their time in New York be uneventful. Nah! I couldn’t possibly let that happen now could I?!!

These are the previous parts in Annabelle’s story:

chigsWatching a musical gave Annabelle a chance to be locked into her own thoughts again. She felt elated. Dean had made her feel so much better, and at that moment she felt immense gratitude to him. Having peace with Dean seemed to have brought her more happiness than she could have imagined. But she was trying to work out how to avoid being at the concert on the following evening. She had not been able to listen to any of his music for the past four years. There was no way she could be at the show. His lyrics tortured her. But that was not something she wanted to debate with Dean.

After watching the musical Chicago at the Ambassador Theatre, Chris and Annabelle walked up Seventh Avenue. Annabelle led the way to “Faces And Names” one of the bars that was not far from the hotel, recommending to him their mini-burgers as the perfect midnight snack.

F&N.jpg“Shots Chris?”

Chris laughed, “One glass of Baileys knocked you out for over twelve hours, what would tequila do to you?”

Annabelle raised her eye-brow. “Am I allowed a beer then? Or are you going to pretend to be my Dad for the rest of the weekend?”

Annabelle sat contemplating if it was the time to tell Chris her plan to disappear at the start of the concert and return later so that Dean wouldn’t be provoked. She really wanted Chris to stay for the music, and she didn’t yet have a plan as to where she would spend several hours alone. Perhaps she’s think of something that night.

“Early start tomorrow Chris. We could go for a walk in Central Park if you like, and then head to the Empire State Building.”

nyc nightChris was happy with the plan. Annabelle linked his arm again as they walked back to the hotel which was just a few minutes away. When they entered the suite Annabelle threw herself onto the sofa. Chris looked at her sprawled out. Although she was only a couple of years younger than he was, she seemed so much younger. She had a childlike manner, childlike irritable moods, but also childlike joy and enthusiasm when she wasn’t tired. All day Annabelle had been great company, full of the same excitement and delight that had drawn him to her as soon as he had met her. It was the joyful exuberant vivacious Annabelle Riley that had won his heart. “Are you beat?”

“Never!” laughed Annabelle.

“After all that sleep last night, I reckon you’ve at least another hour with you. Do you want to play spin the bottle?”

truth or dare.jpgAnnabelle sat up straight and folded her arms, “You’re so funny. I’ll play Truth or Dare with you.”

“Right, ok lady first then.”

“What do I get to ask first?” asked Annabelle.

“Yeah. I choose truth.”

“Can I ask you anything at all?” Annabelle had a mischievous look in her eye.

“That’s the idea of Truth or Dare.” he grinned.

“Ok, well, how many girls have you had Chris?”

chris girlfriend.jpgChris looked at Annabelle. “I think I’ve told you this before. I had a couple of girlfriends in college. Kate I dated for a year, she dropped out of college and we lost touch. Then I dated Marie, but she ended it. Basically because I was becoming pretty miserable. I was depressed. She couldn’t cope with it.”

Annabelle looked dissatisfied, “That wasn’t the question. How many women have you slept with was what I meant.”

Chris hesitated for a moment, his mind recalling every woman he had been intimate with, “Eleven.”

“Does that include Jenna?”

“You only get one question Annie” laughed Chris, “Jenna makes it twelve. Ok, truth or dare?”

annie secret“Don’t worry Chris. Nothing we say is going to leave this room. Truth.”

“How many men have you slept with?”


“Only Dean and Rob?”

“They are the two. Truth or dare?”

“Dare.” grinned Chris.

Annabelle’s eyes lit up. “Ok, send a text message to Robin saying that you think he’s a great guy and you are sorry about giving him a hard time when he was in Blackwood.”

typing text“Damn. That’s the last time I’m picking Dare. Here you go, you can type the message.” Chris tossed his phone over to Annabelle who eagerly started typing into his keypad. She passed the phone back to Chris who read the message she had just sent. He shook his head laughing, “He is going to know that I didn’t send this.”

Annabelle leaned over Chris to look at the message, “Why?”

“Annie, you put two kisses at the end you dizzy nutcase.”

Annabelle startled to giggle, “Ooooh, I wonder how long it will take him to work it out. I am a numpty aren’t I?”

“Yes you are! Truth or dare?”

cbt.jpg“Truth again please.”

“Who has hurt you more – Dean or Robin?”

Annabelle hesitated, she started to fidget around in uneasiness. “Maybe that’s a question for my therapist to ask me.”

“You don’t have to answer.”

“It’s an interesting question. I don’t think I actually felt hurt when Dean and I started to fight. I guess I wasn’t surprised at what he was doing. I didn’t have any high expectations for him to shatter. Once I saw him drinking and switching from smoking weed to harder drugs, I just expected things to go downhill. I knew more trouble would come.”

“And Rob?”

Rob“With Robin, it was the opposite, when Robin came over to Blackwood and told me about some of the trouble he’s got himself into, well, I was gutted. Really gutted. Robin has always been too clever to get himself into any trouble. What hurt the most was realizing I pushed him to breaking point. When I was at my lowest point he sacrificed his career, his home, his family to support me. He gave up everything for me, and I broke him. So when he came back and told me that he had hit rock-bottom when he was in London, how could I possibly abandon him? When you claim to love someone, you don’t abandon them when they are at their weakest, do you?”

Surprised at Annabelle’s candour, Chris felt compelled to say, “I am sorry I gave him a hard time when he was in Blackwood Annie, for your sake.”

Leaning back against the cushion, Annabelle stared into her lap, “It was probably good for him. I’m too soft with him Chris. Truth or dare?”

chris annoyed“I’m staying safe and going for truth.”

“Do you secretly wish that Robin would get struck by lighting so that I was single?”

“I haven’t pictured anything quite so dramatic Annabelle. But I have spent a long time wishing you would get fed up of him. Hearing what you just said though, I don’t know, I thought he was messing you around. I really thought he was going to let you down badly.”

“He’s not perfect. Nobody’s perfect. But he is irresistible. From the moment I met him, I was fascinated with him. And he made me feel safe, and loved. I thrived with him. We have had challenges, huge challenges. It’s just made me love him more and more.”

Chris nodded, “I don’t doubt it Annie. He’s lucky. You’re both lucky, to have love like that. Truth or dare?

annie d or t.jpg“Whose turn is it? Didn’t I just answer a question?” objected Annabelle.

“You asked the last question, you just took over after I’d answered. I get to ask you – truth or dare? Pick dare!”

“I’m loving all this truth Chris. I’m going truth again.”

“You’ll regret it. Right, need to make this tougher for you.” Chris flashed a threatening look in his eyes, “If you had to judge on sex alone – would you choose Dean or Robin?”

Annabelle’s mouth gaped open, “You can’t ask me that!”

“Should have picked dare.”

dean and annie past.gifAnnie lay down on the her back and closed her eyes, “I can’t look you in the face and answer this. Ok…I can’t compare them. It was different for lots of reasons. Dean and me were kids, I was seventeen when I met him. We were both inexperienced and immature. But it was lovely to learn about making love which each other. Sex was an adventure, we were on a voyage together. And we were equals. When he was drunk it wasn’t so great. When I met Robin things were very different. Robin is ten years older than me. He is more experienced in every way. Everything was so erotic with him, he really knows how to make love. I think he wrote the book. He has a very healthy sex drive and he has a lot of stamina. I’ve always felt like a bit of a baby with Robin, I just kind of submit to him and…”

“Woe! Too much information. Wow you’re a real sharer aren’t you?”

Annabelle sat back up to look at Chris, “You and I must be real friends now.”

blackwood gossips.jpg“Shouldn’t you be sharing this with girly friends. You’ve just robbed me of all my innocence! And I did not need to know that about your Rob ok. Way too much sharing.”

“I don’t real have any female friends that I could talk to about something that personal. All my female friends are older and I’d be too embarrassed. I can’t go near all the gossip queens of Blackwood. Do you think I am going to talk about anything personal with Jenna or Amber and Margo or any one my age?”

Chris laughed and began to answer, “If I were you I wouldn’t…who the hell is that?” there was a loud knock on the door of the suite.

“Oh boy!” exclaimed Annabelle, “It’ll be Dean.”


You can read the next part of Annabelle’s story here:


Kim, the creator of Writer Side of Life has given us some great writing prompts. Several of them appealed to me, but I have only chosen one to work on for now, because I am still playing catch up with blogging, after my trip to Australia:

Free Creative Writing Prompts

I chose a prompt under the ROMANCE section: 3. Who is she waiting for?

kim's prompt
Photo by Thiago Matosfrom Pexels 

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