My Perfect 2020 Vision

perfect sight (2).jpgI know that they say that love is blind, and admittedly I have not been for an eye-test since I was around twelve or thirteen years old, but I feel as if I have perfect 2020 vision when it comes to him.

He’s not just a man, you know. He is also the key to me being back in the center of my world, my career, my home. Because he is pretty much at the center of everything that I was yanked away from the night I was attacked. But he happens to be a man who I genuinely find magnetic.

I have explained to him how much it means to me to be able to be back where I belong. I have told him that above all the other challenges I have had to deal with, the hardest is feeling a million miles away from where I should be. He seems completely aware of that, he seems to have been hoping that I would still have my heart set on international volunteer service. We’ll see what it is that he has in mind.

musicalFor now, I am trying not to get carried away with the intoxicating feelings that rise up whenever he says things to me about how how he feels. I feel like I am in a Hollywood movie, not one of the modern ones, one of the classics. Every ten minutes I want to burst into song and waltz with him.

But you never know. He seems to be establishing what I want, I have spent around ten hours with him (spread over two days) and this weekend I am going to see him again. He seems intent on…well, I don’t know. I need to wait and hear it from his mouth. But my eyes see the look on his face.

I know sometimes they say love is blind, but at the moment I feel as if looking ahead to the year 2020, it may turn out to be more perfect that I ever envisioned.

17 thoughts on “My Perfect 2020 Vision”

    1. Trying to contain myself (not doing a great job I am afraid). I had an unexpected phone-call…after I was unexpectedly on the same little lane in London as him a few weeks ago. It’s all happened very quickly. Still not sure what will come of it. But for now, I feel a huge sense of relief. He is being very open and very communicative…which is a big change after years of total silence.


      1. You are effervescent snd bubbling all over the place. You can feel the excitement happiness and joy radiating from your words. I want to be a mother goose and say all sorts of things but I am only going to say as long as you are happy that is the most important. I look forward to reading more of your adventures. πŸ€“πŸ’œ


        1. No I had already written the Dean parts of Annabelle’s story. I think very early in the story when I referred to Annabelle having had a prior relationship in which she was badly hurt, I probably was thinking of him. In fact I didn’t realize at the time that Dean was going to enter the story like this at all.

          What has happened with me and my ex-flatmate is all separate…and won’t be shaping Annabelle’s story πŸ™‚

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        1. It was so complicated back then….there are some very long posts which explain some of what went wrong between us on my site.

          There is a section on my menu called The Storm In A Tea-Cup Series which covers one pivotal week in our situation.

          I can’t find face reading back at the moment (because he is being so wonderful) but if you are interested it started with this post:

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