I’d Wait Til The End Of Time For You

oz1.jpgAs you may well know, I have had a long distance relationship with a wonderful man.

While he was living in England. we lived over one hundred miles apart. Since December 2018, he has been in Adelaide, Australia and I am 10,100 miles from him in London, England. I went over there in the summer which was great, and we can be in touch all the time thanks to modern technology. But as anyone in a long distance relationship knows, it is challenging!

estrangementHowever…there is someone else who I have had a long-distance relationship with. A different kind of long-distance. For more than four years, someone who was once incredibly close to me, someone who I lived with, has been estranged from me. I just refused to give up though! I didn’t want to let go. Nothing that anyone has ever said to me has made me want to let go of him.

And this Sunday, I will see him again! The third time in eight days. And it feels wonderful! Do you know – I do believe that qualities like humility, forgiveness, empathy, love make humans quite extraordinary! It will be the third time in eight days we have spent time together.

20 thoughts on “I’d Wait Til The End Of Time For You”

    1. Hi Riya! Thank you. I had another nomination post from you scheduled to be published today. I have not seen your Liebster post yet – are there questions to answer? I will keep a look out for it.


    1. Right now…I feel as if I am in some kind of Truman show style romance show. It’s all so bizarre Paula. Him seeing me a few weeks ago and then calling me and wanting to meet with me so we can talk…it’s like a Hollywood movie…only better. I would love to meet whoever is writing this script and thank them!

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