My Very Own Romantic Story

rememberingBack in May, I started planning ahead to keep my blog ticking over while I was travelling in Australia. Throughout the summer months I re-published many of my posts about Goldfinch. One a day Monday – Friday 05:58am. Yesterday was the last post I had scheduled to be published.

I hope you have enjoyed having a reminder of the romance that developed during 2018, which caused me great happiness. I think I have enjoyed reading these posts again more than anyone! Last year when I wrote and published those posts, I was just living and writing without too much thought about how comforting those posts would be later. Reading them back, it reads like my very own romantic story, starring Caramel and Goldfinch.

romantic life.jpgI am so glad that Goldfinch walked into my life one night October 2017. I have become such a hopeless romantic since I met him! I have loved every moment with him. It’s changed me from someone who was scared of men (after the night I was attacked four years ago), to being someone who loves being wrapped up in the arms of the man she loves, someone who is smitten with romance and loveliness. Someone who is more comfortable with trust and sentimental decisions. Someone who enjoys being vulnerable in the arms of a man who is so much stronger.

I love him. It’s not a perfect situation as you know. But I am so happy and grateful for all I have enjoyed with him! I would love to spend the rest of my life with him. I can’t allow myself to hope for that. Those 10,1000 miles are going to cause our relationship to weaken over time. I know it. Still…broadband permitting, I will continue to make the  most of and appreciate my romance with a very gorgeous, very wonderful man.

13 thoughts on “My Very Own Romantic Story”

    1. Thank you so much Puman. I love him so very much…and he always makes me feel loved.
      But I have learnt that to overcome a challenge of 10,100 miles two people need to have very strong feelings and a desire to find that way to stay together. Or at least one, the one who loves the more needs hope that their love will be valued, they need to believe that they would not become a burden to the other.

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    1. I’m still waiting for the progress reports on the tunnel your dog is digging for me from London to Adelaide (or was it Yorkshire to Adelaide?)…

      …with all this political turmoil we need to know if the tunnel is going to be over budget so we free up some funds through one of these European grants before we lose access to all that jazz.

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