Don’t Burst My Bubble


The phone-call I received…it produced a huge swell of hope and relief and gladness in my heart. I guess it is very fragile, very delicate, at the moment. So for lots of reasons, I am going to hold it all within for the moment. If I told my family, if I told my friends, if I wrote about it on WordPress, I expect I would receive many varying opinions. Others, including those who care for me, might want to burst my bubble.

I do realize that I need to keep my head on and stay in control of my emotions. But I know me. I don’t give up hope easily. For years it has weighed on my mind that there was somebody, a person who I loved, with whom I had a rift. The peace between us was disturbed.ย  I have pushed on with life, with a heavy burden on my heart.

And now…there is an exquisite rainbow coloured bubble hovering in my heart that has lifted it, lifted me, and I am frightened that if I share it with everyone who knows me, there will be some who will try to burst it.


This was my post in response to FANDANGO’S FLASH FICTION CHALLENGE:


13 thoughts on “Don’t Burst My Bubble”

    1. I think I have learnt from the past that I will hear a hundred different opinions, and I need to make sure I keep my own head and not let myself be persuaded. For the moment, I am going to delay sharing what has happened because I am not ready for a hundred different opinions. My head still doesn’t know what to think!

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