A Spicy Start To The Day

I am a great tenant you know. I keep the little nest immaculate for a start. I am also very considerate. I am not noisy at all. If I do listen to music or watch something on television, I keep the volume down very low. I am careful to invite friends round who will behave and remain quiet-ish. If I want to invite any noisy friends round (some of my friends have the loudest laughs) I wait until my landlords are away on holiday.

And here is something else I do when they are on holiday:



I love onions! But my landlords don’t like the smell of onions when they are cooking. I also make curries and chilli, just about anything with strong flavours and cooking odours! I made samosas a couple of nights ago.

When my landlords are here I am very considerate, I cook bland non-smelly food, because the cooking smells would waft upstairs to them. But as soon as they are heading on holiday, I rush down to the supermarket and buy onions!!

And this morning…the breakfast I am cooking for myself is another favourite treat when my landlords are away. I am making:


Which may possibly be the best breakfast on the planet. I know that is very debatable. But when you are as considerate as me and you have bland breakfasts everyday…a spicy breakfast treat is something to get excited about!

14 thoughts on “A Spicy Start To The Day”

    1. lol – I am!!!

      Even my landlady has said a number of times that I am the perfect tenant.

      I think it’s partly because when I was a full-time international volunteer we were all squished together in cramped accommodation – volunteers of 35 different nationalities and a large age range. So we had to be mindful of those we shared accommodation with.

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        1. Amazing training. They taught us to dignify everyone we were working with. We used to send our dirty clothes to be washed by the laundry team. We couldn’t just shove them in the laundry sack we were provided with. We had to fold them neatly and put underwear etc in a net bag.

          In every area they taught us never to take for granted that some of the volunteers who were given assignments cleaning, cooking, doing laundry etc had made huge sacrifices and were asked to take on an assignment that may have been considered humbling in order to support the other volunteers in their assignments. We were all equals. Whether you were a builder, or an accountant, a cleaner, a doctor, a translator or a director – we all had the same rules, the same basic accommodation, and nobody received any wages. It was remarkable.

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    1. I did indeed!

      It’s just one area where I have seen a lot! I have been cleaning/house-keeping for many years, so I have seen all sorts of dire properties, often dire due to the inhabitants or tenants.

      When I was a full-time international volunteer, the rules were really strict. If you didn’t do what you were asked to in regards to keeping your accommodation clean, you would first of all be left reminder notes prompting you to action. But if you did not improve, the accommodation manager would ring your supervisor and you would be sent home to get some training from a cleaner/house-keeper in the cleanliness standards that were expected of you. If someone still did not improve, they might be asked to leave volunteer service, until they were ready to reapply.

      So wherever I rent, I carry those same standards with me. We were trained to be clean, considerate and not to take for granted those who were supporting us in our assignments. The house-keeper who cleaned our apartment used to be a solicitor. She gave up her career in order to be a full-time volunteer. The first assignment she was given was cleaning. She stayed in that assignment for four years until they were expanding the legal department and they asked her to transfer. I always appreciated the sacrifices she had made in order to be a volunteer and I thought we should show appreciation by making sure we as occupants did what was asked of us to make her assignment more of a pleasure.


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