I’m In The Corner

I have two days completely free this week. No plans at all. So today, I decided to go walking. It’s something I love to do when I have chance. Walking for miles across London. I stopped in a cafe halfway and sat in the corner drinking a soya cappuccino and listening to the music that was playing. I really enjoyed being a lady of leisure.

tracks.jpgMy head has been buzzing with music for the past few days, after my two evenings out at the weekend. I don’t really listen to dance music at home. So I heard so many tracks and tunes that I was unfamiliar with. If you are a dancer it doesn’t matter too much, you pick up on the beat and rhythm.

I keep trying to google some of the music I remember hearing at the weekend. But I’m not finding much. Nevermind!

Dance music to me is great for dancing! I don’t really want to listen to it at home anyway. Except…every now and then I hear a track that I just cannot get enough of. It happened with Robyn. What a tune! What a track! Love love loved it! It’s still one of my favourite dance tracks of all time.

5 thoughts on “I’m In The Corner”

      1. I’ve seen Pocahontas, but that was ages ago, so don’t remember that song. Other Disney songs I like are Try Everything from Zootopia (2016), Immortals from Big Hero 6 (2014 I think), Be Prepared in The Lion King (the original, though I do quite enjoy the new version of it in the remake), The Fixer-Upper song in Frozen (sung by the trolls), that song with the duck who says “Got any grapes?” (not a Disney song, BTW). Etc, Etc.

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          1. No, but they have really good themes and are rather tear-jerking, which is a plus. I quite like Finding Nemo and it’s sequel Finding Dory. I didn’t really like the first Despicable Me too much, but I love the second one. I also really enjoy Inside Out, the Cars movies, even Brave.


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