More To Come!

shes back.jpgI came back from Australia with all these wonderful things I want to tell you about my trip there and my time with Goldfinch, and yet for some strange reason I still have not really sat down to write about what was one of the highlights of my life! I was sooooooo happy there with him!!! It’s all stored up in my mind and heart and I am sure it will eventually leak out into my posts. I think I have selfishly been enjoying the euphoria and contentment he breathed into me, before I share it with the WordPress world. Perhaps in someways in my head, I am still over there with him 🙂

bloggging6Instead something else has been occupying my attention. You may have noticed that I responded to a writing prompt from Kim, the creator of Writer Side of Life. When I first saw Kim’s prompt, I had just a little seed of an idea. I sat down and began what I thought would be a short flash fiction post. You probably know I usually write much more about my personal life than fiction, so it’s always a bit of an experiment.

Well….I now have published over thirty-five parts (I did count accurately yesterday, but I had a really late night and I have forgotten exactly how many posts there are)! The story of Annabelle has a habit of entangling itself with elements of my own personal life. But I have been trying to make her a fictional character as much as possible.

waiting on a benchI have not published anything for the last few days because I really wanted to make sure I concentrated on how to finish this story. I have grown to care so much about that happens to Annabelle. She is not going to have a Disney princess ending, I promise you that. But I am going to finish her story on a positive. Why on earth would we want to read anything with a miserable ending? I now know how it’s going to go! It feels great to know what is going to happen. I have three more posts scheduled for next week. Then I am going to give my attention to the grand finale!

I cannot believe how satisfying it has been to work on a longer fictional project! I know it needs a lot of editing to make it more interesting to a reader who is looking at it with completely fresh eyes and knows nothing about the personal life of Caramel that has inspired much of Annabelle’s tale. I have promised myself that editing my little novelette will be a great project during the cold winter months.

chilled.pngI was very nervous about a long project. Personally I think blogging on WordPress is more suited to shorter posts, entertaining or interesting or just plain delightful posts. I didn’t think anyone would have an interest in me focusing attention a long story about a fictional character. But it turns out that’s what most of us have been reading for donkey’s years!

I had huge encouragement to keep working at it from numerous bloggers, and found the comments from the following bloggers especially encouraging:

Paula Light


Tom Burton

Jay-lyn Doerkson

Carol Anne

satisfying.jpg…and I have lost track of how many lovely comments I have received encouraging me to keep on developing Annabelle’s story! But thank you so much to everyone who has given me the impetus to continue. It’s one of the most satisfying things I have done since I started blogging. I am looking forward to tweaking the last few parts so that they nicely tie up the story lines for Annabelle and the other characters in her story.

This was the original writing prompt post from Kim, the creator of Writer Side of Life:

Free Creative Writing Prompts

I chose a prompt under the ROMANCE section: 3. Who is she waiting for? which came with the picture below:

kim's prompt
Photo by Thiago Matosfrom Pexels 

These are the parts of Annabelle Riley’s story that I have already published, and there are more to come (you will be glad to know the end is in sight!)

4 thoughts on “More To Come!”

  1. Yay! I think it’s a great story and after you finish you might want to put the chapters together into a novella. Then create a cover and you’ll have your first kindle book for sale! You can do paperbacks too if you like. Wonderful! 😍

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  2. I have never written creatively, but maybe one day??? Folks seem to enjoy it and I think the community spirit at is attractive and encouraging. Good luck with your writing!


  3. The majority of my posts have been personal, but a lot of the other bloggers I interact with write amazing fiction and poetry,often in response to the various writing prompts. So they have encouraged me to have a go. I am surprised at this Annabelle Riley story, really surprised.


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