Is It Too Late For Us?

Is it too late for us?

Is time really up for us?

They keep saying time heals a broken heart, not this one.

Is it too late to try?

If we made time to try?

They say people in love need to spend quality time together.

Is it too late for love?

Or is it time for love?

Because I fear on my dying day, my one regret, is that I didn’t love you enough.

times up
Mike at

This little post was inspired by my ex-flatmate Jack. You know the story. But it was also my response to to the picture from FANDANGO’S FLASH FICTION CHALLENGE:


8 thoughts on “Is It Too Late For Us?”

  1. A great post! But you’re confusing me! Is it Goldfinch in possession of your heart or Jake? When you repost your stories, I cannot keep my facts straight.


    1. That’s a great question Sadje! It’s just as confusing to me.

      Jack was (and probably still is) the one I am the perfect match to. He and I were both full-time international volunteers, we both loved people, loved socializing, loved karaoke. We lived in the same flat (with other flatmates. But it all went wrong because of the attention we received from others. It became awkward between us. But awkward changed…it went to hostile…then we sat down and he told me he loved me. I was gobsmacked! Then we were all luvvy duvvy together. Then the gossip got worse and many people close to both of us told me that Jack was behind the social media craziness and all the rumours. I found it difficult to trust him. I moved out of the flat. He seemed offended by that. He was very odd for a long time afterwards. (Although he is very charismatic and full of energy, he sometimes is lacking in sensitivity and he doesn’t seem to understand his own behaviour at times.) I found the whole situation was draining me. I was exhausted. At my lowest point I was attacked. That yanked me out of a situation that I was struggling with, but it meant that Jack and I never resolved our situation.

      Just over two years after I was attacked, I met Goldfinch. I had a wonderful thirteen months with him, but he went back to Australia. We keep in touch, and as you know I have been to visit him during the summer.

      Goldfinch helped me heal in so many ways. But Jack is still a huge presence in my life. I see him on television. His name pops up on the internet regularly. Many reminders of a man who had a huge impact on me.

      I think he is wonderful. But, something went wrong between us, and we should have resolved it sooner, rather than allowing it to make us estranged. We had lots of mutual friends. I am happy to win. He can take our friends, I left the flat so he could stay there, I am the one who has lost my world, my career, my friends….but I would give up anything to have peace with him. He is the love of my life…only, I fear him.


      1. Fear is not something that should be the n the same sentence as love. I do hope that one day you guys can at least talk about it like adults. There is absolutely no use to keep
        Unresolved issues in your mind, letting them ruin your peace of mind!

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        1. I fear him because he is unpredictable. I love him, but I felt I was unable to trust him because of the way he handles social media. He is used to being a celebrity and having his personal life discussed by all and sundry. That was a major issue between us. I no longer wanted to have personal conversations with him trying to resolve things, because our conversations were not private. He seemed to be talking to many people about what we had discussed. So our fledgling relationship never had chance to grow because I did not trust him and he did not respect my feelings.

          But Sadje…I really do think the world of him. I only feel regret over what happened.

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