Bright Eyed And Bushy Tailed

a months rent in three hours.jpgI have a three hour session tomorrow. Maybe “session” is not the right word for what I have to do. But it’s a one-off special event all because a very wealthy client is clicking their fingers and throwing money at us. It makes you sick doesn’t it!

This is all to allow me to be free to travel up to Wales more often to spend some time with my family member who has cancer. I can earn almost a whole month’s rent in a few hours. It’s brain numbing work. And I get zero satisfaction out of it. It doesn’t help anyone, or make a difference to anyone. Basically I am a decoration, an ornament.

I have just re-read my first paragraph again and it sounds very dubious. It’s nothing extraordinary. I have earned my bread and butter in a hundred different ways over the years, and tomorrow I have to dress up and put make-up on and look good and smile and wave for three hours. Think Barbie (you know at the end of Toy Story 2!!!

The agency who have arranged it told me to make sure I have a good night’s sleep the night before because they want me bright eyed and bushy tailed!!!

I do need to have a good night’s sleep. Seeing Jack, being just a few feet away from him on Saturday, seriously interfered with my sleep. I did have panda eyes on Monday I noticed.

So I am signing out early tonight. Should I wash my hair now, or first thing tomorrow morning??? Ooooh decisions deciions!

14 thoughts on “Bright Eyed And Bushy Tailed”

    1. Jack has had a huge impact on my life. We used to live in the same flat. We worked on the same projects, we socialsed together But something went wrong between us. I was really struggling with the situation. One night I didn’t want to go home in case I saw him again. I went to a park and was the victim of a crime that took me away from London completely for almost a year while I recovered. We have been estranged for some years. But the situation seems to linger while it is unresolved.

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        1. It was more before that night that he said some terrible things. The worse trouble was completely false gossip about me and a married man. I still believe those rumours started with Jack.
          After I was attacked, well, all our close friends said he was extremely distressed about what happened.

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            1. He is an amazing person. Our relationship became strained. He displayed immaturity. He did not take responsibility for the effect of his words.

              I have a series on my blog – it’s called THE STORM IN A TEA-CUP SERIES and it explains one week in our situation which I think was pivotal to how things spiralled out of control between us.

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