Is Annabelle going to walk away from Robin after he lied to her?

These are the previous parts of Annabelle’s story:

Oh My Aching Head , depressed and despaired man standing outside by nightRobin stood watching Annabelle walking away from him with her back turned. Strong feelings were rising within him. There was no way he was going lose her now. Not now. He ran after Annabelle and grabbed her arm, “No! You’re not going to walk away from me.”

“Let go of me! I can’t do this Robin.”

“You’re going to have to. I am not letting you give up so easily. I know you are angry. I know you think I lied to you. I guess I did lie to get what I want. I would lie again, lie and cheat and fight to be with you.”

grabbing arm“You’re hurting me.”

Robin loosened his grip on Annabelle’s arm, “I am going back to Switzerland on Saturday and I am going back to work. A year Annabelle. I am stuck there for a year. And it’s all for you.”

“It’s not for me. You need to do it for you, to get out of debt.”

“I wouldn’t care about that if it wasn’t for you. Everything I have been doing right in the past few months has been for you. Even going into rehab. As soon as Claudia put the idea into my head that I was going to lose you, I have been doing all sorts of things I didn’t want to do. I’m trying to make things right. And I know it was wrong to lie to you, but I wanted you so much. I couldn’t go back without making love to you. I am not going to lose you now.”

“I don’t want to hurt you Robin. But I am finding it hard to believe you. Do you understand that?”

robin bar“But I’m telling you the truth now. I didn’t tell you I had been out to a bar. I should have told you.”

“You shouldn’t have gone at all Robin. It just makes me feel you are going to do the same things again and again. Do you go to bars in Switzerland during your time off? Or is it because Claudia has let you off the leash that you went out drinking?”

“It’s different now Belle. I told you I am better than I was. There’s nothing wrong with going into a bar and ordering a drink. Blackwood is very different from central London.”

“How can you be so sure of yourself?”

“I can be. Do you think I would really come all the way out here to do something that would ruin things for you and me?”

“So why lie?”

robin smiling.jpg“I lied to you about Chris being ok with us being alone in his house. That was a lie Annabelle. And you know why I lied.” Robin raised his eye brows and couldn’t help himself from smiling.

“Stop making a joke out of this Robin. Why can’t you feel bad about what you have done? We could have gone somewhere else. Chris said go and find a motel.”

“I do not regret finally being on my own with you. Annabelle, I don’t feel bad about making love for you. I should have made other arrangements, I know,” Robin looked down, “I was pretty mad at him after some of the little chats he’s been trying to have with me. He can’t stand me. And he goes on about how he feels about you.”

“He is a good person Robin. Even if he annoyed you, you should respect him.”

“It’s hard to be objective when it’s so obvious he wants to take you away from me.”

“It’s going to be difficult. A whole year. We are both going to have to trust each other. Chris is not going to take me away from you. But he is my friend. He is someone I can trust.”

Robin frowned. “You trust him more than me.”

robin and annie at night1.jpg“But I love you.”

Robin let out a gasp, “Do you have any idea how much I need you? How much I need your love? Belle, I would have given up long ago if it wasn’t for how much I want to be with you.”

Annabelle whispered into his ears, “You are at the centre of my universe and I orbit around you. I don’t want to lose you. But I need to be able to trust you. I need to be able to trust you when you are 5000 miles away. I want to know everything. Please please tell me everything that is going on when you are over there.”

“When did you become so good at geography?”

“I googled it. It’s going to take a lot of effort to rebuild what we had before Robin. A lot of trust.”

fresh start.jpg“But it will be worth it. I want to be free to start over. A fresh start together. Our own home. More babies. You and me building a life together again, for ourselves. Don’t you think we deserve some happiness?”

“Is that what you really want?”

“I thought you understood after this afternoon what I want.”

“You called me the love of your life.”

“Yes. Yes I did. The woman I want to marry.”

Annabelle looked at Robin. Her face wore a pained expression. “I want to be happy. But I’m just feeling pain.”

“It’s never that far away is it? After everything you said yesterday, you gave in to it just now. Belle I want to go away and trust that you are finally getting the help you need with this. I can’t be so far away worrying that you might still be hurting yourself. We can’t let that keep happening to you. We can’t delay this any longer Belle. I really hope we can see a Doctor tomorrow. I’m not going to be able to go back to Switzerland without knowing you are getting the support you need.”

“I’m sorry.”

supportive couple“Sorry for what?” asked Robin.

“Sorry it is still there. I don’t want to cause you any more worry. I don’t want to be a burden.”

Responsibility Belle. Two people who love each other have a responsibility towards each other. We look after each other. We trust each other with our secrets. We believe in each other. We are there through good and bad times, keeping each other safe and warm.”

Annabelle seemed pained again. Her face showed her feelings so well. “Robin, you were always so responsible before. I felt so safe with you.”

young robinRobin squeezed her hand, “That’s why you fell for an older man hey? You know me Belle. My whole life I’ve been a good. I was the model student, the high-flyer, the success story. You brought some real excitement into my life. That year in New York made me feel free. Dating a wild party girl ten years younger than me. You brought me to life. I didn’t want the party to end. I postponed my career at the bank in London because I wanted to be with you for longer.”

“You didn’t want anything serious back then?”

“I truly expected you would get bored of me eventually.”

“I was so in love. I still am.”

“I am so glad of it. I did well didn’t I Belle? I was responsible all that time after you were injured in the accident. I felt very responsible from then on as soon as I knew we were going to have a child. After everything that happened, I did go wild. I know I have let you down enormously. I deeply regret it.”

trust.jpg“I have always felt safe with you. What you told me this week has been a shock Robin. I am sorry I am so touchy, but I feel scared. I never saw it coming, I never imagined that you could be struggling so much.”

“We have both been more open with each other this week. It’s been really important. I honestly feel Belle as if that honesty, that trust, is going to make us stronger in the future. You do trust me don’t you?”

“I want to.”

“Just do what I do. Keep your eyes fixed on the end result: you and me living together in our own little house with a white picket fence. A dog running round the garden being chased by our kids. The two of us standing arm in arm watching them all.”

Annabelle felt all the energy drain out of her body. “Robin. I don’t think I can do that again.”

“Can’t do what?”

“I’m not cut out for it. It was a mistake. But I don’t want to let myself make the same mistake again. I don’t want to ever have another child.”


You can read the next part in Annabelle’s story here:


Kim, the creator of Writer Side of Life has given us some great writing prompts. Several of them appealed to me, but I have only chosen one to work on for now, because I am still playing catch up with blogging, after my trip to Australia:

Free Creative Writing Prompts

I chose a prompt under the ROMANCE section: 3. Who is she waiting for?

kim's prompt
Photo by Thiago Matosfrom Pexels 

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