She Would Have Been Greatly Loved

Today is a day that was starred in my diary. I am sad to confess that at first I couldn’t think why I would put a star on this page without any explanation. And then I remembered why…

due date.jpg

…so sad. I wish I had the energy to try to write something. I would want to write something very beautiful. But I am tired. It’s been an emotional weekend. Seeing Jack knocked the stuffing out of me. This is one of the poems (I use that term loosely, because you are probably aware that my poetry is awful!) I scribbled during the spring months just after I lost my little apricot sized miracle:

I Keep Thinking Of Her

If I had not looked at my diary, this day may have passed without me realizing it. That thought saddens me. So I wanted to publish a little post about her. I don’t want the day to pass without remembering her. Although the world, including her own father, will never know her, she will always be a special part of my life. She would have been greatly loved.

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