The Road Of Life

Life! Many have likened our life course to a road. So many twists and turns along the way. Have you ever felt a little frustrated at not knowing what is ahead on your own personal roadway? I must admit, I find I need to have a huge long-term goal ahead, to provide me with that sense of purpose in order to deal with obstacles and difficulties along the way.


Since I came back from Australia, I have made some significant changes. Today was my last day at a job I have had for just over a year. I really liked my colleagues. After a year I still felt sometimes as if I wasn’t as much of an asset as I would normally like to be for my employer. There were just some aspects to the job that were challenging to me to grasp. So I concentrated on what I could do well.

So next week my routine will be entirely different from Monday onwards. I will be away a lot more, visiting a family member who is very ill. So I will be making a lot of use of WordPress Schedule facility to try to have a little post each day. Hopefully I will have more lovely photos for you from Wales too!

not sure where i am going

So I am going to keep putting one for in front of another. Because that is what we do. We go on, never quite sure what is around the corner. But having a destination in mind, a purpose, we are ready to face anything that may come along.

My next steps are going to be round the corner to Sainsburys supermarket to buy goat’s butter (my latest addiction), marmalade and salad. Then it is an eight minute walk home before I get changed and head out to meet some friends. It’s Friday! It’s the weekend!!!

PS – don’t tell Gary that I included a U2 video in this post – we are not supposed to like them at all!



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