The Great Phone Dilemma

my phone.jpgMost of my friends know that I am pretty hopeless when it comes to mobile phones. I wasn’t always quite so dysfunctional as I am now. I completely ignore my mobile phone when I am at home, I have a landline. My new mobile does not receive signal in this house. A guy recently told me that the reason nobody can get mobile signal in this house is because of the underfloor heating. Who knows if he is right? We had just presumed that it is because the walls are so solid.

For years my mobile phone was always someone else’s cast off. People would give me a phone and I would pay to top up the credit Eventually someone introduced me to a smart phone. Along with the smartphone came Instagram, Whatsapp and other phone apps (I cannot remember what they were all called) which gave me the chance to send and receive communications with photos and videos as well as text.

its odd.jpgI was baffled by the hundreds of photos that arrived on a daily basis – what people were having for breakfast, lunch, dinner, their pets, their new this, their new that, their dream this and their dream that, holiday spam, nights out on the town, days out at the fair, even pregnancy scans – it was all becoming a bit nuts! What was weird was the scale – the sheer quantity of posts and that the interconnections were so vast and sprawling.

You may be aware, if you have read my STORM IN A TEA-CUP series that I had a very bad experience which was magnified by the use of these – what do they call them? – social media apps? Rumours and gossip, slander spread like wildfire. The subjects of which were Jack and me. Anyway…I have not had a smart phone for the past four years.

smart phone.jpgWhen I was in Australia I promised Goldfinch I will get myself one as it will make it easier to keep in touch with him, Only…I haven’t yet. I am so reluctant. I want to be able to communicate more easily with Goldfinch, but I dread the thought of having the burden of a smart phone again. What a dilemma! Only I love him you see. Have I mentioned that before? And love makes you do things you don’t really want to do.

I have a little basic phone – which is really lousy I have to admit. It won’t allow me to send text messages to Australia. I often forget to take it out with me. My friends get cross because they are ringing and texting my mobile and it is on my bedside table or in a coat pocket in my closet.

I find it very hard to use. The key pad is strange and it takes forever to type a message. So I have been sending less and less text messages. Nowadays I use my landline a lot and I use e–mails a lot. And the mobile phone is forgotten, neglected and abandoned.

weird callsHowever…today, I had to show a builder around my flat. And I noticed my debit card and my little mobile were on the coffee table, so I picked them up and put them in my pocket. And it was because the phone was in my pocket that I felt it buzzing (I keep it on silent all the time) and pulled it out of my pocket.

Can you imagine my delight when I saw it was Goldfinch???!!! I was happy right down to my toes all afternoon because I heard his gorgeous voice. And I went to bed feeling so glad to be in love.

If you are in love. If you are married or in a relationship – then please do something for me. Ring your spouse or partner. It doesn’t matter if you only spoke this morning, or if they are in the next room. Just ring them and tell them that you were thinking of them and that you just called to say that you loved them.

Because something like that is priceless. it’s enough to make your loved one forget all sorts of sad things and to to feel happiness right down to their toes all day long!

12 thoughts on “The Great Phone Dilemma”

  1. If you do get a smartphone to communicate more easily with Goldfinch, the only app you need to install is Whatsapp. As long as he has Whatsapp on his phone, you can call or text him anywhere you have either mobile signal or wifi. International calls are free. My best friend doesn’t get mobile signal at home, so we always use Whatsapp to communicate.


    1. That’s what he said too. Is it true that you can have video calls on Whatsapp these days?
      I am almost thinking of just getting a smartphone to use to keep in touch with him and not give out the number to anyone else. I didn’t like that through people adding me to Whatsapp groups so many strangers were getting hold of my number. It was scary.

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  2. LOL! While reading this, my cell phone is on vibrate mode. I get so many phone calls from insurance companies, realtors, and just plain nonsense. Plus, I can’t stand all the alerts that go off for whatever reason. The only time my phone is actually on ringer mode is when I know my mom will call in, or expecting a phone call. I hate the phone is what it comes down to.

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  3. I have a smartphone – i use it mostly to see what stars are up in the night sky thanks to a free app i found, nothing else. I prefer our landline. I hate ‘smart’phones!

    “And love makes you do things you don’t really want to do”… I truly hope you don’t believe that?

    Love can give you the courage to try new things and the strength to do what has to be done, even when you’d rather not have to., but true love will never make you do anything you really do not want to do!

    If something does, it’s not true love, not in my belief.

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    1. Well…I do have my limits. Even love would not make me abandon all my principles.

      But as for doing things I don’t want to do…I’ve been doing that since I was a child. I didn’t want to do chores around the house as a littlin, but it was because I loved my parents that I agreed. I grew to enjoy them.

      There are lots of things I didn’t want to do, but a person I loved really wanted me to, so I did them. So long as they are not asking me to go against my conscience, I try not to put my own wants before the people I love.

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      1. I guess that’s the trouble with using the English language, a simple word like ‘want’ in a sentence can be read in many different ways, not always the way it was intended. 😦

        Few of us ever get to only do what we want to do.

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