When It’s Time To Say GoodBye…I’ll Be Waving Up At The Sky

We now have a leaving date! When I say “we”…of course I don’t mean we, I mean he. Goldfinch has booked his flight back to Australia. The plan is for him to spend some time here in London with me, just before he travels, and I will be with him right up to the last minute, when he says goodbye to fair old English shores.

I do understand security concerns at airports. But it is so hard having to say goodbye near the check-in gates and not be able to wait with him in the departure lounge. Not to be able to wave to his plane as it takes off. It just is not as romantic as the olden days.

In all honesty, it may be a good thing that I am not allowed past the check-in gates, I might be tempted to throw myself on the floor and grab hold of Goldfinch’s legs to stop him leaving me!

No…instead…I will have to be content with watching Goldfinch vanish behind a wall. And that will be it…GONE! Not knowing when, if ever at all, I will behold that beautiful smile again.


There is no way I will be able to pick out the aeroplane carrying Goldfinch far away from me. I will be looking up at the sky waving at every plane, (just in case) until they disappear without a trace.

I am going to spare you a dramatic description of the stab of pain that will gush into my heart at that point. I felt it once last December when he went away for five weeks to spend the holidays with his family. There is no doubt in my mind that is going hurt more this time round. But I have known this moment was coming for over a year. So now is the time to be brave, to muster all my strength and help make every moment wonderful for Goldfinch.

Last December, I walked out of the terminal in tears. But as I made my way down the escalators to the Piccadilly line of the London Underground, I started hatching a plan to surprise him based on every little scrap of information I had heard him mention.

This time round…aaaaaaah! I think I will finish this post before I become too weepy.







8 thoughts on “When It’s Time To Say GoodBye…I’ll Be Waving Up At The Sky”

    1. It’s funny Kristian. It was back in May that I scheduled for these posts from last year to be re-published. One each day at 5:58am GMT. Somedays I only see which post has been published when I have a lunch break and can check out WordPress. Today I read this one and I was moved to tears too! And then I logged into my e-mails and there was an e-mail from Goldfinch which made my teary as well…and then…about two minutes later, my phone rang and it was Goldfinch. It was past midnight over in Adelaide but he was calling me. I was so choked up and I don’t think I was making much sense on the phone to him!

      Thank you so much for your very lovely comment…xx

      I am going to keep up the bravery for as long as I can 🙂


    1. That is exactly what the world needs – a tunnel directly from England to AustraliaI would love that! I would spoil him rotten if he did that for me.

      Maybe he would find all those missing socks on the way.

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