Could It Be Sweeter Than This?

Is there any sweeter way to start a Monday morning than knowing that Goldfinch is on his way?

What to bake? I am torn between the honey cake I trialled on friends at the weekend (they were all raving about it) or salted caramel brownies (I have made brownies many times for Goldfinch). Or something with caramel and apples like last time? He did eat a lot of the caramel apple cake I baked not long ago.

It is so hard deciding what to make for someone who you absolutely love to bits, but are preparing for THE BIG GOODBYE. Any disastrous bake might hasten his departure to Australia. It is way more pressure than any of the Great British Bake Off contestants face, in my opinion.

At this point, please feel free to make any suggestions of bakes that are sure to impress the most gorgeous man on the planet! I would be more than happy to add something new and delicious to my repertoire.

Is it possible for a Monday morning to be sweeter than this?

32 thoughts on “Could It Be Sweeter Than This?”

  1. Go with tried and tested recipe. I find that in my case if I make too much of an effort, things donโ€™t turn out as expected and when I donโ€™t, the results are much better.

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    1. I made both the honey cake and the salted caramel brownies in the end. Because there is obviously a limit to how much he could eat in one serving, I put three big slices of brownie into his bag for the journey back to the Midlands today.

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                1. I have only been to Adelaide, but I did get the impression it is a great city for foodies. There is a huge range in cuisine. Great markets too. So maybe it’s more Adelaide where Thai food is a major presence???

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