He Is Like A Dream

Moments with Goldfinch…which will soon be memories of Goldfinch…which will be like dreams.  He and I walking hand in hand through autumnal forest, finding ourselves quite alone in an enchanting glade with golden rays of sunlight streaming through the canopy above.  How beautiful to share those moments with Goldfinch, how beautiful my memories, how beautiful my dreams!

On Sunday, Goldfinch said he wished I was just down the road so that whenever he wanted he could come over and chat and hold me for a few hours.

At the moment he is a two hour drive away (but because we both tend to use the train or coach to travel, it works out closer to three hours).  It is hard to explain the excitement that builds when I am about to see him again. Hearing his Australian tones utter the words “Hey Gorgeous!” and his arms wrapping around me….aaaaah! (I know he should get his eyes tested, but we won’t worry about that right now!)

But then there is the agony of saying goodbye and having to make the journey back to my little abode without him.

Long distance relationships are not easy…I know at least one other blogger who totally understands this, as she explained her situation in a comment she sent last week.

You end up dreaming your life away because you miss each other so much. I guess I am going to have to get used to this…in the near future…two or three hours will seem like nothing.  10,100 miles is a lot further than 110 miles.  I have a lot of dreaming ahead of me.

I am sure there is a limit to how much you can tolerate of me publishing posts about my love for my Goldfinch…but remember, he is going soon…and then I will be profoundly sad…and I will surely be writing mournful dirges and odes to my long lost love.




28 thoughts on “He Is Like A Dream”

  1. I give you credit, long distance relationships are definitely not easy. However I definitely admire your dedication to it. I’m sad for you that he’s traveling further away than he already is, but happy that there is love there between the two of you.

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  2. I totally understand your situation. While mine is only going a province over yours is going continents. I am sending you hugs. There are dreams, texts and phone calls. And lots of mournful dirges from both of us. 🙂

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  3. Seeing this photo and this post is making me very emotional, and is metaphorically tearing me up inside. I am currently going through a sort of long distance relationship. I spent the whole summer with him. I miss him so much, and my heart aches. I think about him all the time. I’ll see him again in November. Blogging about my days helps a little, but I get worried that if I blog about him, I’ll just end up crying. So I blog about dreams, stories, beauty in nature, food, and things going on in my day.

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    1. Being separated from someone you love is so hard! I try to make sure my site has lots of happy posts, but I am sure your readers won’t mind a sad one every now and then. It is ok to cry and write. Crying is like a miracle, it relieves so much pain inside, and I am sure writing can become even more special and endearing to others when you put your heart out there.

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      1. I’ve never heard it phrased that way: miracle of crying.Though as I’m typing this, I guess I’m thinking of the healing tears of Phoenix bird in Harry Potter. I know I feel better when I do cry, I guess I think when I put my heart out there, everything gets jumbled up, and love to me is inexplicable. I can try though! 🙂

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        1. I have never watched Harry Potter. But I read a beautiful article about what happens to you when you cry and it is good for you at times of pain and stress.
          I know our feelings can be hard to fathom and define at times, but it is healthy to try to express them. We change, our feelings change, being able to communicate or express them whether that be through writing, rhyming, or through another medium like art or music or dance…is a wonderful gift of being human. This to me is what all the arts are about, trying to express something that is profound in exquisite ways.
          For myself…I like words, I am not very good at dancing or drawing or painting, so I like to weave strands of my emotions within stories of my day to day events.
          I am sure that you will find a healthy and satisfying way of expressing what is within you both for your own enjoyment and that of others.

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  4. I have been in a long distance relationship for 3 years now and still counting 😃. It has not been easy. But we make sure we always talk with each everyday through any available social media. 😄

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      1. I prefer not to write about my crushes or those I love (unless I blend a lot of fiction with it and change the names). If possible (generally not) I would prefer to talk about it, but would be afraid of being laughed at.

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        1. I think it helps me to have this outlet to express how I feel about him. I know he couldn’t cope with me telling him directly every single day and some of my friends are single and have a limit as to how much they want to listen to me prattling on about him.

          Writing about it…well, noone is forced to read. But it helps me to release what is bursting within my chest.

          In the past I kept my feelings to myself…and sometimes, the person I loved was oblivious to how I felt. In fact because I would go all shy and be lost for words, I think some thought I was unfriendly or just dull.

          But once I became more secure in myself that mum and dad have made a beautiful woman who would be a blessing and a bonus to a nice man, I decided that I would be a bit more confident in expressing my like for someone else. I knew they might not like me, or they might like someone else more, or it might just be bad timing…or they might actually welcome my feelings.

          But I try always remember that things change, people change. So long as I keep trying to be the beautiful woman my parents worked hard to train, and try to remember that real love is unselfish and giving, then even if things don’t work out quite as I would hope with the man I am in love with…it is not the end of the world.

          However, when you have love…I say shout it from the rooftops, sing it from the hills – let them laugh. Most people would absolutely love to have that.

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