What It Means To Me

The definition of the word “enrapture”
according to the Crushed Caramel dictionary:


Me waiting for Goldfinch at the station:

Me when I finally see him arrive:


Me every moment he is with me:

in love






It’s nice to be a pretty lovebird in love with a stunningly gorgeous lovebird!

You do realize I am not going to be able to sit down and concentrate on a serious post until I am parted from Goldfinch!  You are not going to get much sense out of me this weekend.

And my Goldfinch and I will be “cheap cheap cheaping” and “tweet tweet tweeting” for the rest of the weekend…

love birds

And I am dancing around finishing off my house-work this morning, so excited about being with him again!








8 thoughts on “What It Means To Me”

  1. Totally get your feelings. My bf and me we count down hours that we can be together again. It kills me to be apart from him but……until I win the lottery I have to work. And my job is 1.5 hours away, in the town I live in. So unless I get super lucky distance and count downs are the way to go.

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