When Your Heart Is 10,100 Miles Away!

Here is hoping that the plan Goldfinch and I are hatching for the weekend works out just the way we hope!

Our plans are simple, a leisurely stroll hand-in-hand, through the woods as the trees start to turn various shades of gold, followed by pub grub.

Hopefully building more beautiful memories of Goldfinch which I will treasure for years to come!

My main concern is that the thought of how much I am going to miss Goldfinch makes my eyes very leaky and I don’t want to spoil his weekend by sobbing every five minutes. I have to make sure I can control it.

I keep thinking of how I am going to feel once he has gone to Australia – he is planning to go in November.  By then it will be cold, dark and wet here and my heart will be far far away, over 10,000 miles away.

Aaaaah – sigh!



13 thoughts on “When Your Heart Is 10,100 Miles Away!”

        1. Ooooh la la!
          What images you are putting in my head!
          Her voice is gorgeous, especially in Fly Me To The Moon…and yes I think it does make me want to dive into something…champagne or sweet vermouth – it is intoxicating.
          I had to sing Fly Me To The Moon at an event once – it is so so so so hard to try to match her intonation.

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