Goldfinch Wants, Goldfinch Gets – No Complaints Allowed

Goldfinch has had an issue at work.

They have a staff canteen where he is based and he went through a stage where at lunch time he fancied the soup of the day offer, which was something like £1.50 for a bowl of soup and a bread roll.

On that section of the canteen you serve yourself and fill your own bowl.  Well Goldfinch, being a six foot one inch fine and handsome specimen of a man, filled his bowl right to the brim.

Well…the canteen staff noticed he was filling his bowl right to the brim and took umbridge at this. They complained about him.

When I heard I was outraged.  I would have happily marched up to his work premises and gone to pay a visit to the canteen staff and told them to make sure that my Goldfinch gets exactly what he wants.

I have no greater pleasure than cooking and baking for my gorgeous Goldfinch…and I jolly well make sure his bowl or plate or glass are always filled to the brim (with seconds waiting to go if he desires them).

Canteen ladies…how dare they complain about Goldfinch?  The rotters!  Feed my Goldfinch, he needs lots of energy to come and visit me in London.

10 thoughts on “Goldfinch Wants, Goldfinch Gets – No Complaints Allowed”

  1. I once attended a Christmas party at a place I worked. I knew the spread would be HUGE and varied, and I brought a lunch tray so I could get all the things I wanted to sample. Some old cow had an absolute kitten when she saw my tray. Kept muttering “greedy bitch” at me. I didn’t take huge amounts of any one thing, but got several small portions of almost everything. If that wasn’t their intent, they should have put up signs about limiting the amount one took. I never went to another party in that department. It really p.o’d me that they were so rude.

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    1. lol – I have to admit, I normally have to challenge of finding something to put on my plate at a buffet. I am vegetarian and by the time I reach the buffet tables all that is left is dried up slices of baguette and a few waifs of salad.

      I did have my hand slapped once by a woman. I was reaching over to pick up a slice of millionaire’s shortcake, and she slapped my hand, because she wanted it!!!


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