Just A Little Reminder In Case I Am Confusing You

I just thought I should mention that I am still republishing a bunch of posts from last year. In 2018 I published a lot about Caramel and Goldfinch, and because of my trip to Australia and not having so much time to write fresh material, I started to republish them.


So I know it might be a bit confusing. Especially this week’s posts – they refer to a week last year when Goldfinch was abroad without the phone I used to keep in touch with him. He had told me he would be going away but I had forgotten, and I thought he was upset with me because we had disagreed over Jack. But that was last year.

I looked at the post I have scheduled to be published tomorrow morning, and I realized that I had written it in the midst of my miserable assumption that Goldfinch had cut off contact with me and didn’t want to speak to me. But as you will see from my posts, the very same day that I posted that, I managed to speak to Goldfinch on his work phone…and that changed everything!!!

Everything is fine now, in fact everything is wonderful. I am slowly working on posts about my time in Australia, I have just had a lot of catching up to do with friends and family and things to sort out here, which is why I am depending so much on old posts to keep my blog alive and kicking.

7 thoughts on “Just A Little Reminder In Case I Am Confusing You”

    1. Most of my site (95%) is non-fiction.
      At the moment I am writing a fictional tale about Annabelle, but anyone who has read my non-fiction posts will realize that I have put a lot of my own experiences into Annabelle’s story.
      And…just to confuse matters further, I recently travelled to Australia and couldn’t blog as regularly as I normally do, so I re-published some of my non-fiction posts from last year about the wonderful man in my life – Goldfinch.
      It’s all a bit mixed up at the moment 🙂

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