Call Me, Text Me, E-mail Me

I am pretty hopeless with my mobile phone it is generally agreed upon by all of my friends. I only really have a phone for emergencies. It stays in the bottom of my handbag most of the time.

checking phoneHowever…I have been driving myself crazy checking my phone, and my laptop, to see if there is a text message or e-mail from you know who. He has sent me a few e-mails. Which is normal I guess. I am just so hungry for him.

It’s just that I have been with him for all that time, chatting everyday. It is too hard to get through a day without him. I am longing to hear from him, craving to be a part of his life even though I am far away.

6 thoughts on “Call Me, Text Me, E-mail Me

    1. So true!!!
      Yet I feel as a woman as if we are the ones who are hungrier for communication (big generalism I know) and it is so hard to wait when you are in expectation of a reply to your messages!


    1. Thank you 🙂
      He has sent me some lovely e-mails with photos – he is great with sending pictures.
      When I was in Australia we agreed I would get myself a smart phone when I came back to England so I can facetime and whatsapp him. But I am so scared of those phone people in the phone shops. I feel as if they are trying to get me to sign over my soul in exchange for a phone that does things that I will never need it for!

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