Of Course He Will Hear

Surely, every voice matters! I don’t think I have ever doubted that. I would not like to think that anyone would believe their voice does not matter.

silent murmursI don’t feel I have to shout louder than others to be heard. For I am heard. Even the silent murmurs of my heart are heard. My secret whispers are listened to. Angry people say He does not exist. Alrighty. He still listens to my voice and makes it clear how much He cares. Again and again I am touched by the responses to my inward outcries. So many beautiful gestures proving to me that I am not alone and that someone is deeply concerned with the challenges I face and is rooting for me.

romance 1Have you have ever been in a romantic relationship in which your partner is deeply interested in you, ever attentive to your likes and preferences and delights in showing you that he has been paying attention and listening? Your favourite flower? Your favourite food? Your favourite song? He notices them all. When you are sad or down hearted he knows it and seeks a way to cheer your heavy heart. You don’t have to find the words, because he knows you so well. He knows what you need.

listenCountless times, I have felt a deeply personal response to something I had chosen not to share with anyone else. There is someone who does not even need me to use my voice, to speak my words aloud. He reads my heart, He knows my disquieting thoughts, He pays attention and He answers.

What I am aware of though, is that if there is one voice that is more important than all other voices – it is His. I went all the way to the opposite side of the planet – to Australia. And when I murmured silently in my heart, two women approached me and offered me a pamphlet. It happened to be the perfect answer to what was weighing on my heart at that moment. I need to listen more closely, more carefully to Him. Because there is no doubt that to Him, my voice matters.

 – Inspired by Psalm 116:1,2 / Psalm 4:3



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