Little Moments Of Happiness

couple.jpgI don’t know if I ever mentioned it…but the first time I was in Goldfinch’s arms in his, man cave in Coventry (in the Midlands), he had some music playing. I think this was mainly on account of having a house-mate who was in the room next door. But Goldfinch chose a playlist with some pretty romantic songs on it.

I remember two of them vividly. This was one of them, although I am sure it was a male vocal on his playlist (not Elvis and not UB40 though). I like Haley’s voice, and the simple version. These are lyrics that do not need jazzy music to set them off.

take my handWhen I am with Goldfinch, he often takes my hand, well, he always does. That’s one of the things I love about him. But when he does the words go through my head “Take my hand…take my whole life too… for I can’t help falling in love with you.”

Little moments of happiness, like walking around with him holding my hand, or lying in his arms gazing into his eyes…all moments I want to treasure up and hold on to forever. They will keep me warm when I am back in England.

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